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17 Stages. 350 Speakers. Live Bands. DJs. Live Demos and a whole lot more!

Discover a diverse array of stages and themes at ESS Expo 2024, each designed to bring you the latest insights and innovations across the environmental sector. From high-level government discussions and cutting-edge technical sessions to interactive presentations and vibrant entertainment, our stages offer something for everyone. Join us for a unique blend of learning, networking, and fun as we tackle the most pressing environmental issues of our time.


Net Zero Summit Theatre

Featuring Government speakers, global brands, and influential thought leaders, the Summit Theatre is the cornerstone for high-level discussions on environmental policies, strategies, and innovations. It provides a platform for policymakers, industry leaders, and experts to share insights and drive forward-thinking solutions for a sustainable future.

Environment Hub

The Environment Hub is a dedicated networking space where the brightest minds in environmental services come together. It offers a collaborative environment for professionals to connect, share ideas, and explore new opportunities in the environmental sector.

Green Skills & Future Talent Hub

Focused on the future generation of the environmental sector, the Green Skills & Future Talent Hub aims to nurture and develop the next wave of environmental professionals. It provides educational sessions, career guidance, and networking opportunities for students and young professionals.

Circular Economy & Sustainability Stage

This stage delves into the principles of the circular economy and sustainable practices. Attendees will learn about innovative solutions for waste reduction, recycling, and resource management, highlighting how these strategies can drive economic and environmental benefits.

Municipal Stage

The Municipal Stage is tailored for local authorities and their service providers. It covers a range of topics from waste management and recycling to urban planning and environmental policy, providing practical insights for managing municipal resources effectively.

Materials & Markets Stage

Focusing on the market dynamics of raw materials and recycling, the Materials & Markets Stage offers a deep dive into the supply chain, market trends, and economic opportunities in the recycling and waste management sectors.

Packaging & EPR Stage

The Packaging & EPR Stage addresses the critical issues of packaging waste and extended producer responsibility (EPR). It explores innovative packaging solutions, regulatory developments, and strategies for reducing packaging waste through EPR schemes.

Start-Up & Innovation Zone

The Start-Up & Innovation Zone is a dynamic space where emerging companies and innovative solutions are showcased. It offers start-ups the opportunity to connect with investors, partners, and industry leaders to drive forward their ground-breaking ideas.

Live Demonstration Area

Experience live demonstrations of the latest machinery and equipment in action. The Live Demonstration Area showcases cutting-edge technology and innovations in environmental services, providing a hands-on look at the tools driving industry progress.

ESS Live Stage

The ESS Live Stage is the heart of the event's entertainment, featuring live bands and DJs. Situated in front of the Inn on the Green pub, attendees can enjoy cold drinks and savour delicious options from the street food market while relaxing in the sunshine.

Contamination & Land Remediation Keynote

The Contamination & Land Remediation Keynote features leading experts discussing strategies for managing contaminated sites and soil remediation. Attendees will gain insights into the latest technologies and best practices for environmental restoration and land use.

Contamination & Land Remediation Technical Stage

This technical stage provides detailed sessions on the methodologies and technologies used in land remediation. It is ideal for professionals looking to deepen their technical knowledge and stay updated on industry advancements.

Water Keynote Stage

The Water Keynote Stage addresses critical issues in water resource management. It features prominent speakers discussing topics such as water scarcity, quality, and sustainable management practices to ensure a secure water future.

Water Technical Stage

Focused on technical solutions and advancements in water management, the Water Technical Stage offers in-depth sessions on wastewater treatment, water quality monitoring, and innovative technologies for efficient water use.

Energy Keynote Stage

The Energy Keynote Stage highlights the latest trends and innovations in energy management, decarbonisation, and renewable energy. Industry leaders will share insights into sustainable energy practices and the transition to a low-carbon future.

Energy from Waste & Bioenergy Stage

This stage covers the technologies and practices for generating energy from waste and bioenergy sources. Attendees will explore the benefits and challenges of these methods and learn about cutting-edge advancements in the field.

Air Pollution & Emission Keynote

The Air Pollution & Emission Keynote addresses the pressing issues of air quality and emission control. Expert speakers will discuss strategies and technologies for reducing air pollution and managing emissions to protect public health and the environment.

Stages and Hubs

ESS Expo 2024 features a variety of stages and hubs, each dedicated to specific themes and areas of the environmental sector. From government and industry leaders to innovative start-ups and future talent, these stages provide platforms for knowledge sharing, networking, and showcasing cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

  • Summit Theatre

    • Government speakers and global brands

    • High-level discussions on environmental policies and innovations

  • Environment Hub

    • Networking space for environmental professionals

    • Collaboration and idea exchange

  • Green Skills & Future Talent Hub

    • Focus on developing the next generation of environmental professionals

    • Educational sessions and career guidance

  • Circular Economy & Sustainability Stage

    • Discussions on waste reduction, recycling, and resource management

    • Promoting economic and environmental benefits

  • Municipal Stage

    • Topics for local authorities and government representatives

    • Waste management, recycling, urban planning, and environmental policy

  • Materials & Markets Stage

    • Market dynamics of raw materials and recycling

    • Supply chain insights and economic opportunities

  • Packaging & EPR Stage

    • Issues of packaging waste and extended producer responsibility (EPR)

    • Innovative packaging solutions and regulatory developments

  • Live Demonstration Area

    • Live demos of machinery and equipment

    • Hands-on look at the latest technologies

  • Contamination & Land Remediation Keynote

    • Strategies for managing contaminated sites and soil remediation

    • Latest technologies and best practices 

  • Contamination & Land Remediation Technical Stage

    • Detailed sessions on land remediation methodologies

    • Technical knowledge and industry advancements

  • Start-Up & Innovation Zone

    • Showcasing emerging companies and innovative solutions

    • Networking opportunities for start-ups with investors and industry leaders

  • ESS Live Stage

    • Interactive presentations, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions

    • Entertainment, live bands, and a vibrant atmosphere with cold drinks and street food

  • Water Keynote Stage

    • Critical issues in water resource management

    • Topics like water scarcity, quality, and sustainable management practices

  • Water Technical Stage

    • In-depth sessions on wastewater treatment and water quality monitoring

    • Innovative technologies for efficient water use

  • Energy Keynote Stage

    • Trends and innovations in energy management and decarbonisation

    • Sustainable energy practices and transition to a low-carbon future

  • Energy from Waste & Bioenergy Stage

    • Technologies and practices for generating energy from waste and bioenergy

    • Benefits, challenges, and advancements in the field

  • Air Pollution & Emission Keynote

    • Issues of air quality and emission control

    • Strategies and technologies for reducing air pollution and managing emissions

2024 Show Themes


Discover the core themes, where we address today's most pressing environmental challenges. From achieving Net-Zero and embracing the Circular Economy to prioritising Biodiversity, this year's show is dedicated to exploring innovative solutions and strategies for a sustainable future. Join us to gain insights from industry leaders, explore the latest technologies, and learn how to drive positive change within your organisation.



Learn how to review and reduce your organisations' carbon emissions, hear from pioneering businesses and discover the latest technology and solutions available.

Explore Net Zero



Biodiversity takes centre stage at the Environmental Services and Solutions Expo this September as a vital component for a sustainable future.

Explore Biodiversity

Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Hear updates from the UK Government on regulation, pioneering new case studies on reuse, communication techniques to prevent waste, new technologies and much, much more.

Explore Circular Economy