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  1. CLR Keynote
    Yolande adding
  2. CLR Keynote
  3. CLR Keynote
    TBC by Content Team
  4. CLR Technical Stage
  5. CLR Technical Stage
    "Unravelling 6PPD-quinone: Investigating a new emerging contaminant" delves into 6PPD-quinone, a new ...
  6. CLR Technical Stage
  7. CLR Technical Stage
    This session explores how air quality monitoring can significantly improve air pollution management ...
  8. CLR Keynote
    This session will discuss how the changing climate could affect brownfield projects and how the risk ...
  9. CLR Keynote
    Hazardous Ground Gas - an Essential Guide for Housebuilders (NF94) was published by NHBC Foundation ...
  10. CLR Technical Stage
    An overview of the 'PFAS problem' in the UK and some global context. This session will give an envir ...