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Panel discussion: The role of developers in promoting responsible and sustainable land remediation practices.

11 Sep 2024
Contamination and Land Remediation Keynote

As our cities and landscapes transform, development projects often encounter contaminated brownfield sites. This panel discussion will delve into the critical role developers play in promoting responsible and sustainable land remediation practices. We'll explore how to balance development needs with environmental stewardship, examining cutting-edge remediation technologies that prioritise long-term health. The discussion will also highlight the importance of collaboration between developers, environmental specialists, communities, and government to ensure responsible and sustainable land use. Through real-world case studies, we'll learn how developers can be leaders in shaping a more sustainable future for our built environment. This session is ideal for developers, construction professionals, environmental consultants, policymakers, community representatives, and anyone interested in sustainable land use.

Angus Niven, Senior Geotechnical Engineer - Strata Homes
Chris Taylor, Senior Land Regeneration Manager - National Grid