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Five Events - 360 Degrees Of The Environmental Sector

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ESS is where the industry's top players gather to shape the future of our planet.

As the premier event dedicated to showcasing the latest innovations and solutions in the fields of circular economy, net-zero emissions, sustainability, and biodiversity conservation, ESS integrates vital discussions on natural resources and development policy.

This expo provides a pivotal platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange, essential in driving forward our journey towards a greener and more ecologically balanced planet. Join us to be at the forefront of this transformative movement.

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The numbers tell you everything...

See how ESS facilitates new connections and relationships

  • 5 events
  • 12,000+ attendees
  • 86% hold buying power
  • 6,000+ companies
  • 64 countries
  • 26,000+ leads generated
  • 17,000+ meetings


ESS is where you'll connect with the environmental sector's top professionals and organisations

From Government, to Europe's largest environmental services contractors, to big brands, ESS welcomes over 12,000 professionals from up and down the supply chain. Whether you are a business planning your net-zero strategy, a council looking to hear the latest regulatory updates or an equipment manufacturer launching a new piece of innovation, this is your platform to collaborate, network and learn with the people shaping the future of our planet. 

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Upcoming Webinars

ESS 2050 | Sustainable Water Management: Innovative Stormwater Overflow and Water Quality Projects

ESS 2050 | Sustainable Water Management: Innovative Stormwater Overflow and Water Quality Projects

Date: Wednesday 29th May

Time: 11:00 - 12:30

Where: Online

This session addresses the pressing challenges of stormwater overflows and river pollution by showcasing innovative solutions.

Hear from industry leaders: Peter Holt from Arup, Nicole McNab from Southern Water, Matt Wheeldon from Wessex Water, and Sam Sweeney from the Environment Agency as they present sustainable water management strategies and the latest in water quality monitoring technology.

Aimed at professionals across the water sector, this webinar is essential for those dedicated to advancing water sustainability and improving quality across the ecosystem.


ESS 2050 | Green Skills: Addressing Critical Skills Shortages in the Environment Sector

ESS 2050 | Green Skills: Addressing Critical Skills Shortages in the Environment Sector

Date: Friday 26th April (Available on Demand)

Time: 12:00 - 14:00

Where: Online

Watch back an insightful webinar addressing critical skills shortages in the environmental sector.

The event featured presentations and discussions on government initiatives, apprenticeship schemes, regional differences, and collaborations between universities and industry.

Discover practical steps for businesses to train the next generation, strategies to make the sector attractive to youth, and collaborative solutions to address potential green skills shortages.

This webinar is a unique opportunity for operators, local authorities, agriculture, energy, manufacturing, and stakeholders from education and development to engage in a conversation crucial for shaping the future of the environmental workforce.


Exhibition Sectors

Addressing key environmental challenges such as the journey to net-zero, bio-diversity loss, the circular economy, sustainability and more, ESS provides a home for the below sector following sector areas: resource and waste management, energy, fuels, decarbonisation, water and wastewater management, land reuse, brownfield development and air quality and emissions management.


Resource & Waste Management 

Addressing resource scarcity, plastic pollution, and environmental concerns through circular economy strategies, this sector focuses on promoting recycling, waste reduction, and the sustainable use of materials. It highlights environmental issues and policies in resource management, ensuring ecological balance and addressing development issues for long-term economic growth.

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Energy, Fuels & Decarbonisation

Focusing on sustainable energy generation utilising secondary materials, energy management, and decarbonisation, this sector delves into carbon future strategies. It covers carbon capture, hydrogen technologies, and innovative methods to promote clean, efficient energy systems, reducing environmental impacts and aligning with environmental policies.

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Water & Wastewater Management

Tackling water scarcity, the flood and drought cycle, and water quality issues, this sector explores wastewater treatment, point source treatment, and sustainable practices. It ensures clean, safe, and accessible water resources for current and future generations, addressing key environmental and development issues.

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Land & Air Quality Management

Addressing the remediation of contaminated sites and soils, brownfield regeneration, and hazardous substances, this sector also focuses on air quality, odour, and dust. It covers biodiversity protection and environmental consulting, guiding sustainable development and addressing crucial environmental issues and policies.

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Sector Spotlights & Key Themes

Dive into the heart of innovation across diverse environmental sectors.



Featuring advancements in net-zero, circular economy, and decarbonisation strategies. Engage with experts driving change through innovative solutions and collaborative efforts for a sustainable future.

Explore Sustainability

Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen Energy

Uncover the potential of hydrogen energy: a clean, powerful solution for a sustainable future. Dive into cutting-edge technologies and strategies, engaging with pioneers at the forefront of driving the hydrogen revolution towards zero emissions.

Explore Hydrogen

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Discover innovations in solar and wind power, alongside advanced energy storage solutions. Engage with industry leaders driving sustainable energy's future, shaping strategies for a greener, more sustainable energy landscape.

Explore Renewable Energy

Uncover the pivotal themes shaping a sustainable future at this year's expo.



Learn how to review and reduce your organisations' carbon emissions, hear from pioneering businesses and discover the latest technology and solutions available.

Explore Net Zero



Biodiversity takes centre stage at the Environmental Services and Solutions Expo this September as a vital component for a sustainable future.

Explore Biodiversity

Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Hear updates from the UK Government on regulation, pioneering new case studies on reuse, communication techniques to prevent waste, new technologies and much, much more.

Explore Circular Economy

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