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ESS has a strong commitment to sustainability, showcasing eco-friendly innovations and practices. Through green initiatives, such as waste reduction, renewable energy usage, sustainable transportation and carefully selected suppliers, the event and it’s exhibiting companies contribute to a greener future.

As the UK’s largest event for the environment, we aim to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing and empower attendees to adopt sustainable measures.

We know that we are on a journey, and reducing our impact on the environment is an ongoing process but here are some areas we’ve improved on.

  • The NEC is zero to landfill with a recycling rate of 80%. Mixed recycling and general waste is transported to a local plant seven miles away.

  • Food waste is separated on site and taken to an anaerobic digestion site four miles away. The energy created is used to power a local sewage and waste water processing plant. The resulting compost is used by farmers as fertiliser.

  • Segregated glass is taken to a processor in Walsall. High quality glass is used to make more glass bottles. Lower quality is used in road building.

  • Removing plastic show bags – now fully reusable or eliminated where possible.

  • Removing plastic badge wallets

"As exhibition organisers our attention and concern is firmly focused on the debate surrounding environmental impacts of business practices. As an organiser, our responsibility is to identify the negative impacts of hosting events to develop strategies and products, along with Full Circle and our other industry partners, to minimise the environmental impact. By championing a reduce, reuse, recycle attitude, we can drastically decrease our waste outputs.  On our quest to contribute to a more sustainable future, we promise to keep pushing our thinking and finding ways to innovate and develop environmentally conscious products. We are standing by a firm commitment; our goal is to make all of our events inspire and breed a sustainability-first culture shared by our stakeholders, colleagues, exhibitors and our attendees."

Calculate your carbon footprint!

We believe in the power of collective action. By using the Carbon Calculator, you're not just quantifying your impact – you're taking a step towards a greener future. Whether you choose to offset your emissions, explore eco-friendly travel options, or simply become more aware of your environmental impact, your contribution matters.

Join us in making the Environmental Services & Solutions Expo a showcase of sustainability, innovation, and conscious choices. Use the Carbon Calculator today and be part of the positive change our world needs.

Calculate your carbon footprint now and set the course for a more sustainable tomorrow. See you at the expo!