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Our Position

At ESS Expo 2024, we are committed to sustainability, recognising its critical importance in the context of large-scale events. Our journey is ongoing, rooted in the principles of openness, honesty, and continuous improvement.

We understand the environmental challenges posed by events of this magnitude and are dedicated to implementing practices that minimise our ecological footprint, while fostering a culture of sustainability among our partners and participants.

ESS has a strong commitment to sustainability, showcasing eco-friendly innovations and practices. Through green initiatives, such as waste monitoring and reporting, managing and monitoring energy usage, 100% recyclable latex free carpet, digital event materials, an emphasis on local suppliers with strong environmental credentials, the event and it’s exhibiting companies contribute to a greener future.

As the UK’s largest event for the environment, we aim to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing and empower attendees to adopt sustainable measures.

We know that we are on a journey, and reducing our impact on the environment is an ongoing process but here are some areas we’ve improved on.


"Sustainability is a complex journey, not a destination. At ESS Expo, we're taking steps to lessen our impact on the planet. We're learning, improving, and adapting. This event is our opportunity to share that journey with you, to demonstrate the possibilities and challenges of sustainable event management, and to engage in an honest dialogue about how we can all contribute to a more sustainable future across our stakeholders, colleagues, sponsors and attendees."

Alex Joicey

Alexandra Joicey



The Measures We've Taken

Carbon Impact Assessment

We conduct comprehensive carbon assessments to understand and address the environmental impact of our activities as a business, as well as our events. This transparent and detailed approach, undertaken by an independent expert, helps us identify key areas for improvement and drive reductions in our carbon footprint. Contact us for more information on our Carbon Impact Report

Visitor Travel Calculator

Recognising travel as a major component of our event's carbon impact, we provide tools to help attendees make more sustainable travel choices, highlighting the environmental benefits of alternative options, as well as providing straightforward ways for them to carbon balance their visit, through local environmental protection projects. 

Sustainable Materials

Our commitment extends to the materials we use, from recyclable carpets to eco-friendly stand construction. We aim to reduce waste and promote recycling throughout the event.

Carpet: All organiser carpet is Rewind 100% recyclable Cradle to Cradle certified, the global standard for safe, circular and responsibly made products. Our supplier is a member of Carpet Recycling UK, Carpet Recycling UK is a not-for-profit membership association working to reduce the amount of carpet waste being sent to landfill.  This heat bonded carpet eliminates the need for latex and in turn the water usage and drying process that accompanies this.  85% less energy and reducing CO2 emissions by 55% compared to conventional event carpets.

Stand Build: Our shell scheme and turnkey stands are made from a reusable aluminium system which can be used for decades and is 100% recyclable without quality losses. Light fittings use 100% LED technology along with 'PlugnPlay' wiring systems removing the use of single use wiring looms.  LED lighting kits alone reduce energy consumption by 80%.

Graphics: Emphasising the use of sustainable and recycled materials for our signage and promotional items, we prioritise materials that can be repurposed or recycled, reducing our environmental footprint. Our organiser banners and wraps are PVC free.  We partner with Calluna Graphix to offer a graphics reuse service turning event graphics into bags, pouches through fabric upcycling. Our turnkey packages use gel edge graphics, a premium black backed tension fabric.  It is entirely PVC free and fully recyclable.

Many of our event suppliers including Full Circle Events and Creative Hire employ energy partners to offset their transportation and corporate emissions as they move towards NetZero. Find out more about our suppliers here.


Our collaboration with local charities, Groundwork and 9Trees underscores our commitment to broader sustainability goals, allowing us to support impactful conservation and sustainability projects. Find out more here.

You can also see a list of our major suppliers, find out more about how them and how they are selected here.

Sustainable Catering

We are championing, better and more readily available environmentally-conscious food options at the venue that are not only sustainable but also support local producers, reducing transportation emissions and promoting community businesses.  Food waste is separated and  processed locally to the NEC in line with their policy that no waste from the venue travels more than 30 miles. The NEC have signed the humane Society European Chicken Agreement and only serve free range whole eggs.  They source meat from Grade A British Retail Consortium Approved suppliers.  100% of disposable packaging spend is on sustainable products – recyclable, biodegradable or compostable.

Carbon Balancing Initiatives

We encourage all participants to purchase a Green Ticket, providing avenues to compensate for event-related emissions through contributions to environmental protection projects and reforestation efforts. 


ROAR B2B the organisers of ESS Expo are also the custodians of Naidex, the UK’s largest event for the Disability community.  Therefore, we understand the importance of making our events truly accessible.  Along with our Head of Inclusion and Accessibility, Dr Shani Dhanda, we have adapted staff training, feature design and introduced tools to improve the experience of those attending the events with different needs.  Our theatres have auto captioning, wheelchair dedicated seating space, height adjustable lecterns and BSL Interpreters on request.  The NEC offers free disabled parking and paid for mobility scooter hire.  As organisers we also offer support staff to accompany visitors that need assistance and a quiet space for visitors who need to rest during the day.

ESS 2024 Green Ticket

ESS 2024 Green Ticket

For those looking to further their contribution to sustainability, the ESS Green Ticket offers an excellent opportunity. By choosing the Green Ticket you're making a direct contribution to the planet. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Green Tickets are allocated to our partner environmental protection projects. These initiatives are carefully selected to ensure they have a meaningful impact, helping to offset the carbon emissions generated by the event. You will also be able to get a green ticket on site.

Your Green Ticket Contribution:

  • Supports vital environmental protection projects
  • Contributes to the global effort to combat climate change
  • Helps carbon balance the emissions associated with attending the event

Learn more about our environmental protection partner projects here.

Purchase a Green Ticket

Calculate your carbon footprint!

Calculate your carbon footprint!

We believe in the power of collective action. By using the Carbon Calculator, you're not just quantifying your impact – you're taking a step towards a greener future. Whether you choose to offset your emissions, explore eco-friendly travel options, or simply become more aware of your environmental impact, your contribution matters.

Join us in making the Environmental Services & Solutions Expo a showcase of sustainability, innovation, and conscious choices. Use the Carbon Calculator today and be part of the positive change our world needs.

Calculate your carbon footprint now and set the course for a more sustainable tomorrow. See you at the expo!