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Learn how to review and reduce your organisations' carbon emissions, hear from pioneering businesses and discover the latest technology and solutions available.

As the global community grapples with climate change, achieving net-zero emissions becomes increasingly critical. How can we innovate and implement effective strategies to mitigate environmental impacts?

How can industries, governments, and communities collaborate to reduce emissions? What innovative solutions are needed to drive progress toward net-zero goals? ESS 2024 brings together experts and stakeholders to collaboratively explore answers to these pressing questions, identify sustainable strategies, and shape a greener, more resilient future. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the solution.


Energy, Fuels & Decarbonisation Expo
11-12 September 2024 | NEC Birmingham, UK

Events Addressing Net Zero in 2023 

Session ImageDive into our comprehensive program dedicated to spearheading the transition towards renewable and clean energy, addressing the urgent climate crisis. This section highlights a curated selection of events at the forefront of the 2023 agenda, where industry leaders converge to discuss, debate, and deploy strategies to reduce carbon footprints and embrace sustainable practices.

From the role of electric vehicles in municipal fleets to the potential of hydrogen in decarbonising the global economy, each session offers a deep dive into innovative solutions and actionable insights.

Explore topics ranging from land remediation and air quality technologies to the challenges of emissions in the waste sector and the critical path for SMEs towards net zero. Join us to navigate the complexities of embedding net zero into culture, processes, and decision-making, and discover how recycling and retrofitting contribute to carbon reduction goals. This lineup not only reflects our commitment to a sustainable future but also equips attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to make a significant impact in their sectors.


  • Identifying And Overcoming The Obstacles To Introducing Electric Vehicles To Municipal Fleets (Day one, 10:15, Local Authority Theatre)
  • What Role Can Hydrogen Play in Decarbonising The World Economy? (Day one, 11:00, Decarbonisation & Future Technologies Theatre)
  • Panel: Land Remediation For A Sustainable Future (Day one, 11:00, Contamination & Land Remediation Theatre)
  • EV Chargers – The Connectivity Conundrum (Day one, 11:15, Local Authority Theatre)
  • What does Net-Zero mean for your Sector? - BSI Networking Event (Day one, 11:15, Environment Networking Hub)
  • The Invisible Net Zero Disruption: Leveraging Air Quality Technologies for a Sustainable Future (Day one, 11:30, Technical Theatre)
  • Transition Of The UK Waste Sector (Day one, 11:45, Decarbonisation & Future Technologies Theatre)
  • Solving Emissions Challenges In The Waste Sector (Day one, 12:30, Decarbonisation & Future Technologies Theatre)
  • Net-Zero & Use Of Water As a Resource (Day one, 13:00 Water & Wastewater Management Keynote Theatre)
  • The SME journey to Net zero – steps to take and tools to support SME’s in achieving Net Zero’ - British Standards Institute (Day one, 14:15, Circular Economy & Net Zero Theatre)
  • Carbon Capture Solutions For EFW Plants (Day one, 15:30, Decarbonisation & Future Technologies Theatre)
  • How to Conduct a Carbon Emissions Review for your Business - David Humphries, Green Circle Solutions (Day one, 13:00, Keynote Theatre)


  • Sustainability In Action: Embedding Net Zero Into Culture, Process, And Decision-Making (Day two, 11:00, Circular Economy & Net Zero Theatre)
  • BECCS And the Net-Zero Future – Unlocking The Decarbonisation Potential Of Bioco2 From Ad (Day Two, Decarbonisation & Future Technologies Theatre)
  • Suitability Action Plan Working Towards the Net-Zero Challenge (Day two, 11:45, Circular Economy & Net Zero Theatre)
  • How Recycling Can Help Communities Quickly Reach Their Carbon Reduction Goals (Day two, 13:00, Circular Economy & Net Zero Theatre)
  • The Great Retrofit: An Opportunity or A Hinderance To The Waste Sector? (Day two, 13:45, Circular Economy & Net Zero Theatre



Energy, Fuels & Decarbonisation Expo
11-12 September 2024 | NEC Birmingham, UK


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