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Welcome to ESS Expo, a comprehensive event featuring five distinct shows, each dedicated to vital areas within environmental management, sustainability and renewable energy. This event marks a fusion of specialist knowledge, addressing crucial environmental matters and policy issues that impact our quality of life.

Our exhibition sectors encompass a wide range of environmental challenges and innovations. From advanced waste management techniques to the newest developments in emissions control, every element is essential for a sustainable, eco-friendly future that enhances our quality of life.


Within each of these five shows, experience a curated selection of exhibitors and engaging talks by industry experts. These sessions are replete with insights and solutions, pioneering in addressing the most pressing environmental issues that directly affect our quality of life.

Join us to delve into the latest cutting-edge solutions, discover innovative strategies, and network with industry leaders. Each show offers a distinct viewpoint on environmental sustainability, merging expert knowledge with a keen focus on current environmental matters and their impact on the quality of life.

Resource & Waste ManagementRWM Logo

Addressing resource scarcity, plastic pollution, and environmental concerns through sustainability focused circular economy strategies, promoting recycling, waste reduction, and the sustainable use of materials to ensure ecological balance and long-term economic growth.


Energy, Fuels & DecarbonisationEFD Logo

Focusing on sustainable energy generation utilising secondary materials, energy management, and decarbonisation. Also covering carbon capture, hydrogen technologies, and innovative methods to promote clean, efficient energy systems to reduce environmental impacts.


Contamination & Land RemediationCLR Logo

Addressing remediation of contaminated sites and soils, brownfield regeneration, and hazardous substance management. Also covering biodiversity protection and  environmental consulting to guide sustainable practices and responsible development.


Water & Wastewater ManagementWRM Logo

Tackling everything from water quality issues to wastewater treatment, point source treatment, flood prevention, prediction, mitigation, emergency response, and sustainable practices to ensure clean, safe, and accessible water resources for current and future generations.


Air Pollution & Emissions ControlAPC Logo

An area to discover the latest in air quality management and emissions control spanning key sectors such as industry & manufacturing, process industry operators, environmental managers, policy makers, and regulators.


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