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Visit Sustainably at ESS Expo 2024

Sustainable thinking and practices are at the centre of our thinking when planning ESS expo. Our attendees play a massive role in that, and visitor travel is the largest single factor in our carbon footprint, in fact 71% in 2024.  Below you will find some ideas to help reduce the environmental impact of the event as we know it’s important to our event community and part of our commitment to you all. Here's how you can contribute to making a difference while enjoying the enriching experience our event promises.

Travel Carbon Calculator

Before you set out, use our online travel calculator to understand the carbon footprint of various travel options. This tool provides insights into the environmental impact of different modes of transportation, helping you make a more informed, eco-friendly choice and giving us essential data to manage the carbon footprint of the event.

Public Transport Options

We encourage the use of public transportation to reduce carbon emissions associated with travel. The event's location is accessible by a range of public transport options, including buses, trains, and trams, ensuring a convenient and green journey to the venue.

Sustainable Travelling

By Train

The NEC is situated adjacent to Birmingham International Railway Station, which is a short walk to the NEC, reducing carbon emissions significantly compared to driving.

By Bus or Coach

Utilising bus or coach services is another sustainable option. These services often have direct routes to the NEC or to Birmingham city centre, from where you can take a short train ride to Birmingham International.

Cycling or Walking

We appreciate this isn’t possible for most but for those living nearby or in surrounding areas, cycling or walking could be viable options. The NEC promotes these active forms of travel and provides cycle racks for visitors.

Car Sharing

 If driving is necessary, car sharing greatly reduces the per-person carbon footprint of the journey. We do not currently operate a car share scheme but if this would appeal to you please let us know by emailing Ali McQueen If it's of interest, we can try and make arrangements for this in the next edition.

Electric Vehicles

The NEC supports the use of electric vehicles by providing EV charging points. Find out more here. This option significantly reduces tailpipe emissions compared to conventional petrol or diesel cars. 

Greener Choices for Accommodation

Choosing to stay in more eco-friendly accommodations near the NEC can also contribute to a more sustainable visit. Many hotels and guesthouses in the area have green policies and initiatives in place. You can find a list of those here. Look for the 'Greener Choice' label.

How to Act Sustainably On-Site

Being mindful about sustainability doesn't stop once you arrive; it continues throughout your time at the event. Here are a few ways you can help:

Reduce, Reuse Recycle

Embrace these three Rs by minimising waste, using the recycling bins provided around the venue, and bringing your own reusable bottles and coffee cups. The NEC has a zero waste to landfill policy and an 80% recycling rate at present.  Free water refills are provided in the cafes and outside hall 19 at the NEC.

Engage with Eco-friendly Exhibitors

Prioritise visiting stands that showcase sustainable products and practices. Your interest and feedback encourage more companies to adopt greener solutions.

Digital Materials

Opt for digital versions of brochures and product information instead of collecting physical copies to minimise paper waste. We no longer provide physical show guides, everything is available via the ESS Expo app

Conscious Networking

While networking is a key component of the expo, consider the environmental impact of promotional materials. Digital business cards or QR codes can be an effective and sustainable alternative.
ESS 2024 Green Ticket

ESS 2024 Green Ticket

For those looking to further their contribution to sustainability, the ESS Green Ticket offers an excellent opportunity. By choosing the Green Ticket you're making a direct contribution to the planet. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Green Tickets are allocated to our partner environmental protection projects. These initiatives are carefully selected to ensure they have a meaningful impact, helping to offset the carbon emissions generated by the event. You will also be able to get a green ticket on site.

Your Green Ticket Contribution:

  • Supports vital environmental protection projects
  • Contributes to the global effort to combat climate change
  • Helps carbon balance the emissions associated with attending the event

Learn more about our environmental protection partner projects here.

Purchase a Green Ticket

Calculate your carbon footprint!

Calculate your carbon footprint!

We believe in the power of collective action. By using the Carbon Calculator, you're not just quantifying your impact – you're taking a step towards a greener future. Whether you choose to offset your emissions, explore eco-friendly travel options, or simply become more aware of your environmental impact, your contribution matters.

Join us in making the Environmental Services & Solutions Expo a showcase of sustainability, innovation, and conscious choices. Use the Carbon Calculator today and be part of the positive change our world needs.

Calculate your carbon footprint now and set the course for a more sustainable tomorrow. See you at the expo!


Your decision to visit ESS Expo 2024 sustainably is a powerful statement of your commitment to the environment. Together, through thoughtful choices and actions, we can ensure that our professional gatherings contribute positively to the planet's well-being. Join us in making sustainability a priority at ESS Expo 2024.