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Download the National Environmental Services Survey Report

This report presents the outcomes of the National Environmental Services Survey, a comprehensive examination of the nation's most pressing environmental concerns. The survey's results will be a focal point at the Environmental Services & Solutions Expo, the UK's largest gathering of environmental professionals, taking place on September 13-14 at the NEC, Birmingham.

Through extensive collaboration with experts and stakeholders nationwide, we have collected valuable data, insights, and unique perspectives. Our aim was to gain a deep understanding of environmental challenges and drive effective solutions.

The findings provide an overview of our environment, highlighting the issues and opportunities at hand. We invite widespread engagement, as these results will spark discussions and collaborative action. Join us at ESS to connect with like-minded individuals, share best practices, and shape the future of environmental services. Together, we can make significant strides toward a greener, sustainable future.

Key Insights

  • 11% of environmental professionals believe that the Government will meet its goal to decarbonise the economy  by 2050.
  • Greenwashing is what environmental professionals would like to change the most about the sector.
  • 59% of respondents think single use plastic items should be banned.
  • Funding, rising costs, budgetary pressures and the current economic situation featured heavily in what people listed as the biggest challenges they are facing right now.