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Make a Nomination for The Environment 100

Submitting a nomination into the Environment 100 couldn't be easier - here's how you can join the environmental elite in just a few simple steps:

Make a Nomination

Tips for Success

1. Plan

1. Plan

Identify the person you wish to nominate and the category (or categories) you'd like to enter them for. 

Begin gathering the information, statistics and material you need to compile a winning entry! Wow the judges with a well-written, engaging, interesting entry that knocks their socks off!

Make a Nomination

2. Write

2. Write

Write your 300 word entry and gather a photo of the person you are nominating and any supporting evidence. 

Your entry should outline the work the nominee has undertaken, the specific requirements of the project, the strategy and methods used, and the end result in terms of environmental benefits to the business, clients, customers, partners, stakeholders, or the sector.

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3. Submit

3. Submit

Press submit! Once the deadline has passed our expert panel of judges will assess all of the entries and whittle it down to just the top 100.

And don't forget - it's completely FREE TO ENTER and ATTEND

Also make sure you pen 11th September in your diary for the recognition ceremony at ESS Expo 2024.

Make a Nomination


Entry Criteria


Each candidate you propose must align with at least one of the judging categories.


Nominees should currently be involved in an organisation that conducts environmentally-focused operations within the UK.


Self-nominations are welcomed and encouraged.


If you are nominating on behalf of someone else, please ensure you notify the person you are nominating, that you have chosen them and provide accurate contact information for them.


An individual may be featured in The Environment 100 only once within any three-year span. For instance, if they were listed in 2023, they would next be eligible for inclusion in 2026.


Your nomination submission should be supported by concrete evidence justifying your choice. For instance, if an individual has contributed to an increase in company revenue, specify the amount; if they have a strong commitment to apprenticeships and training, provide specific examples!

The Categories

Inspiring Green Leader

Inspiring Green Leader

Recognises individuals who have shown exceptional leadership in the environmental sector, guiding organisations, communities, or initiatives towards significant ecological achievements and inspiring others to act for the planet.

Net-Zero Champion

Net-Zero Champion

Honours pioneers at the forefront of transitioning to a net-zero economy. This includes those making substantial contributions towards reducing carbon footprints, implementing sustainable practices, and achieving significant greenhouse gas emissions reductions in their operations or areas of influence.

E100 Unsung Hero

E100 Unsung Hero

Celebrates individuals working tirelessly behind the scenes for environmental causes, often without the recognition they deserve. Their efforts could range from grassroots activism and community projects to significant contributions in biodiversity conservation or pollution reduction.

Emerging Environmentalist

Emerging Environmentalist

Spotlights young leaders under the age of 30 making a disproportionate impact in the environmental sector. This category recognises the innovative work, activism, or leadership of young individuals passionate about driving change for a sustainable future.

Sustainability Innovator

Sustainability Innovator

Acknowledges those who have developed innovative methods, products, or technologies that significantly advance sustainability. Innovations may involve waste reduction, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, water conservation, or other environmental technologies.


AI and Tech for Sustainability

AI and Tech for Sustainability

Awards individuals or organisations that utilise artificial intelligence and/or technology to address environmental challenges. This category focuses on the innovative application of AI, machine learning, and other technological advancements to enhance resource efficiency, ecosystem monitoring, sustainable development, and the promotion of eco-friendly practices.

Environmental Advocate

Environmental Advocate

Recognises activists and sector advocates who have made notable contributions to raising awareness of environmental issues, influencing public opinion, policy changes, or corporate practices towards more sustainable and ecologically responsible decisions.

Key Dates & Deadlines

Environment 100 Timeline


How do I enter?

By submitting a 300 word entry and photo via the nomination form Submit Your Nomination

Can I nominate myself?

Yes you can - self-nominations are welcomed and encouraged.

When do nominations close?

Nominations close on 14th June 2024.


Can I nominate someone who's entered before?

You can, but not if they have been nominated in the last three years. For instance, if they were listed in 2023, they would next be eligible for inclusion in 2026. Your nomination must say what they have achieved since their nomination.

Can I nominate more than one person in the same category?

Yes, but we only shortlist a maximum of five individuals within the same company.

Where does the ceremony take place?

The ceremony will take place on 11th September 2024, during day one of the Environmental Services & Solutions Expo (ESS Expo), in The Summit Theatre. The Expo and this event are completely free to attend.

Does it cost anything to attend the Environment 100?

No - it's completely free to attend. Simply secure your free ticket to ESS Expo, and turn up on the day!

Can I enter into more than one category?

Yes, you can enter yourself or a colleague into as many categories as you would like to.


Once I've submitted a nomination, when will I be notified if it's been shortlisted?

If your nomination has been shortlisted, you will be notified in July. If you do not receive notification, then your nomination has unfortunately not made the shortlist this time round.