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From Theory to Practice: Implementing Successful SUDS and Blue-Green Infrastructure Projects

12 Sep 2024
Water Resource Management Keynote

This session aims to bridge the gap between theory and action, exploring how to translate these innovative approaches for managing stormwater and creating a more sustainable water cycle into real-world projects.

The session will cover:

  • Planning and Design Essentials: Learn key considerations for planning and designing effective SUDS and Blue-Green infrastructure projects.
  • Overcoming Implementation Challenges: We'll tackle common hurdles faced during implementation, equipping you with strategies for navigating permitting processes, stakeholder engagement, and cost considerations.
  • Case Studies in Action: Gain valuable insights from real-world case studies showcasing successful SUDS and Blue-Green infrastructure projects.

Join us and gain the knowledge and confidence to transform theory into successful, sustainable water management projects in your community!

Hannah Howe, Principal Consultant - AECOM
Jane Findlay, Director - Fira