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Exhibit Sustainably at ESS Expo 2024

As exhibitors at ESS Expo 2024, you play a crucial role in advancing the sustainability goals of the event. Your commitment to eco-friendly practices not only enhances your brand's reputation but also significantly contributes to reducing the environmental impact of the wider event. Here's how you can make a positive difference while showcasing your innovations and services.

Planning your Exhibit

Eco Stand Design

Opt for sustainable materials in your stand construction and design. Utilise recycled materials, LED lighting for energy efficiency, and avoid single-use plastics. Consider renting stand elements that can be reused, reducing waste.

Digital Collateral

Minimise paper waste by providing digital brochures, product information, and business cards. QR codes can effectively direct visitors to your online resources, offering a greener alternative to traditional promotional materials.

Waste Management

speak to your contractor about packaging and recycling of your stand materials.  Showlite, a regular Roar B2B contractor, send their offcuts, part-used paints and timber offcuts to local schools and charities.

Engaging with Visitors

Green Messaging

Clearly communicate your sustainability initiatives and eco-friendly products to visitors. Highlighting your commitment to the environment can inspire others and demonstrate leadership in your industry.

Sustainable Giveaways

If offering giveaways, choose items that are useful, eco-friendly, and preferably made from sustainable or recycled materials. Consider the longevity and impact of the items to avoid contributing to waste.

Energy Efficiency

Utilise energy-efficient appliances and devices at your stand. Ensure that all electronics are turned off when not in use to conserve energy.

Transportation and Logistics

Carbon-Neutral Shipping

Choose shipping options that offer carbon offsetting or use transportation companies committed to reducing their environmental impact. Plan logistics efficiently to minimise the number of shipments required.

Travel and Accommodation

Encourage your team to use public transport or carpool when travelling to the expo. Nubreed the official travel partner flag 'Greener Choice' hotels on their hotel resource for the event found in the Ezone.

Green Turnkey Packages

To support your sustainability efforts, we offer a Green Exhibitor Turnkey Packages, which are built with reusable materials and provide a transparent Co2 emission associated with the build, along with options to carbon balance.

Build & Hire


Official supplier Creative Hire offset the carbon generated by transporting your hire furniture and use recyclable packaging.  See their manual in the Ezone.


Speak to your contractor about the materials they are using to produce your stand graphics and consider PVC options such as Kavalan Butterfly used in the Roar B2B event signage.  After the show work with companies such as Calluna Graphix to upcycle your old graphics into Tote bags and other products after the event. 

ROAR Build 

Roar B2B offer Carbon offsetting for their turnkey and free build stand options.  Enquire here (

ESS 2024 Green Ticket

ESS 2024 Green Ticket

For those looking to further their contribution to sustainability, the ESS Green Ticket offers an excellent opportunity. By choosing the Green Ticket you're making a direct contribution to the planet. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Green Tickets are allocated to our partner environmental protection projects. These initiatives are carefully selected to ensure they have a meaningful impact, helping to offset the carbon emissions generated by the event. You will also be able to get a green ticket on site.

Your Green Ticket Contribution:

  • Supports vital environmental protection projects
  • Contributes to the global effort to combat climate change
  • Helps carbon balance the emissions associated with attending the event

Learn more about our environmental protection partner projects here.

Purchase a Green Exhibitor Ticket

Calculate your carbon footprint!

Calculate your carbon footprint!

Understanding the carbon impact of your stand gives you a benchmark to improve on for future years and highlights the areas where you should focus.  There are options to offset this impact.  Ask your builder to provide, or use our carbon calculator in the ezone, to measure your stand.

Your Participation Makes a Difference

Your Participation Makes a Difference

  • Enhances your brand's sustainability profile
  • Demonstrates industry leadership in environmental responsibility
  • Contributes to a collective reduction in the expo's carbon footprint

Your choice to exhibit sustainably at ESS Expo 2024 is a powerful step towards reducing the environmental impact of business events. Through mindful planning, sustainable practices, and green innovations, we can together ensure that our professional engagements are both impactful and eco-conscious. Join us in leading the way to a more sustainable future at ESS Expo 2024.

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