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Watch the magic that unfolded at Environmental Services and Solutions Expo 2023. This year was marked by innovation, inspiration, and the launch of our new brand, setting the stage for a brighter and more sustainable future.


From cutting-edge technology to sustainable practices, this year's expo had it all.

Dive into the highlights of Environmental Services and Solutions Expo 2023 and witness how we are forging a path toward a more sustainable world.

Extended Interviews at ESS Expo 2023

Mike Maudsley, Enfinium

Mark Hayton, EGGER Timberpak

Jonathan Davies
Finning CAT

Amy Pross
Socotec UK

Nicola Jones
Tata Steel

Matt Stoneman

Mike Hanlon

Jack Mason

John Fozzard
Adler & Allan

Sam West
Sims Metal

Lee Rowland
Dennis Eagle

Mark Tipton
Babcock & Wilcox

Ian Griffiths
Renault Trucks

Our customers say it best...

Dennis Eagle logo

"There's all the key suppliers in the same place. Only really happens once a year for our industry. It is the pace to be, if you're looking to learn about the waste industry."

Renault Trucks logo

"Industry Leaders under one roof with informative talks and breakout areas for all who attended - there is no better place to be."

ESA logo

"It is the leading exhibition for the industry and it is a great opportunity for us to meet and engage with current members and stakeholders, as well as using it as an platform to engage with prospective members."

Eunomia logo

"Great time this year - lots of exciting leads and conversations. An excellent platform to showcase our offerings and get exposure to the type of potential clients we can benefit."

Wastecare logo

"From my side of things within sales and marketing aspects, just speaking to people who work within the waste industry, getting their perspective about how we can bring more people into the industry who are passionate, who have new ideas, this is definitely a sector which is evolving with the times"

Solutions for the planet logo

"It's been amazing, I've learnt loads, it's been really really interesting to learn more about the details of what actually goes behind all of these organisations, and it's been really amazing to see them highlighted"

JCB logo

"ESS Expo is a really good event that brings us, us together with like-minded individuals to tackle the problem that is waste. It sheds light on a topic that not many people tend to think about, and it shows insights into how different businesses are dealing with that."

SIMS Metal logo

"ESS Expo and things like that are important because the whole business is based on relationship, so you've got to get out to these events. That's the only way that you can meet people coming to these events, being here in person,"

Ferndale Fire Solutions logo

"Hugely important show for us."

Finning CAT logo

"Our experience today at the ESS Expo has been extremely good, number one, getting here this morning, mixing with other competitors and manufacturers. It's been interesting."

Carbon Set Engineering and Consulting logo

"I found mainly some interested partners and investors like I have at no other event. "

Gravitas International logo

“ESS had the best networking opportunities I have had at an Exhibition in a long time!”

Adler & Allan logo"If you've missed out this year, you've missed out on a lot of really good things. Try and make sure that you can attend next year. It's beneficial to see the number of stands and number of exhibitors who are here promoting what they've got and how it can benefit your company."

Siltbuster logo"Brilliant show, fantastic networking and invaluable industry insights. Thanks to this event, we've forged fantastic new potential partnerships that promise to propel our business to greater heights." 

Flood RE logo"WWM Expo boasted an impressive turnout of industry professionals, resulting in numerous productive meetings and valuable connections."

Floodbags logo"We get to meet buyers in companies and organisations that we would struggle to get in front of without attending the Expo."

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