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Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan

Head of Policy & Infrastructure, RECOUP

Steve Morgan is Head of Policy & Infrastructure at RECOUP, the UK’s leading independent authority and trusted voice on plastics resource efficiency and recycling.
Steve has researched and written technical reports around plastics with a diverse subject matter including plastic collection and recycling infrastructure, ‘Away from Home’ recycling, consumer behaviour change, recycled content verification systems, and the plastic packaging tax.
He is responsible for monitoring, reviewing, and providing consultation responses on policy and legislation, as well as producing the RECOUP ‘UK Household Plastics Collection Survey’ and ‘Plastic Sorting and Reprocessing Infrastructure’ reports, which provide an independent analysis about the collection and disposal of plastics. More recently he has been working on the FPF FlexCollect project, the most extensive pilot for household collection and recycling of flexible plastic packaging ever undertaken in the UK.