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Steph Housty

Steph Housty

Sustainability & Marketing Manager, Ecosurety

Steph Housty is Sustainability & Marketing Manager at Ecosurety, the market leading and B Corp certified compliance scheme investing in quality recycling.
In addition to shaping its marketing and communication strategy, she is in charge of moving up the dial on Ecosurety’s social and environmental impact by driving its sustainability strategy.
She was behind Ecosurety becoming B Corp certified in 2020 and she leads the project for the company to become net zero by 2030.
Driven by her passion for behaviour change, she has worked on numerous consumer awareness campaigns to encourage citizens to reduce, reuse or recycle. Some campaigns she has been involved with are #ElectricAvenue to encourage electricals repair & reuse, #LeedsByExample and #IntheLoop to boost on-the-go recycling, as well as #BringBackHeavyMetal and ‘Don't Bin Your Batteries’ to increase portable batteries collections.