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Sophie Walker

Sophie Walker

CEO and Co-Founder, Dsposal

Sophie is the CEO and Co-Founder of Dsposal, an award-winning circular economy tech company, who along with its sister social enterprise Your Dsposal, demystifies the world of waste to empower people and organisations to make better decisions with their rubbish, recycling and resources through software, data and research.

Sophie has led a number of major projects, often with user research at their heart, including the PPP Phase 2 project on packaging data funded by Innovate UK, a 3-month feasibility study for Defra into smart waste tracking, and a project on household waste recycling centre data funded by the ODI. She co-founded Dsposal in 2016 with her fiancé, Tom Passmore, following an 8,700-mile cycle tour of North America. Sophie has built a reputation for both herself and Dsposal as thought-leaders in the sector and was awarded the Innovate UK Women in Innovation Award in 2020.

She speaks internationally on waste, digitalisation, open data and open standards, is the Group Coordinator of the Waste Compliance Taskforce, sits on the advisory board for the One Bin project at University of Manchester, sat on the EDI working group for CIWM and is an alumna of the CSC Leaders Programme. In her spare time, she is a trustee for the charity Village Service Trust, which supports health and community development in rural Tamil Nadu.