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Simon Webb

Simon Webb

Managing Director, Tidy Planet Limited

Simon Webb is the managing director of Tidy Planet Energy, and he has over 30 years’ experience working within the environmental and engineering sectors – and a 20-year+ tenure within the waste, recycling, and energy-recovery arenas.

With an academic background in automotive engineering – and a passion for problem-solving — Simon stared his career path as a project engineer for a company which specialised in industrial pollution control systems, including solvent recovery systems and thermal oxidisers.

And throughout his many years in industry, he has worked in five countries around the world, providing site-based solutions for customers in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and printing industries.

With Tidy Planet Energy, Simon’s aim is to help transform the country’s Energy-from-Waste landscape – assisting in building a robust, decentralised energy-recovery infrastructure, which can cope with the country’s contaminated plastic waste streams, such as RDF and SRF, instead of shipping these resources overseas.