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Sean Fitzgerald

Sean Fitzgerald

Geologist & Asbestos Expert, FACTS, Pllc (Fitzgerald Analytical Consulting & Testing Services)

Mr. Fitzgerald is a Professional Geologist and microscopist with over 35 years of experience studying the science and geology of asbestos, respirable silica, and heavy metals, focusing on the interrelationship between these materials as they occur naturally, processed by man, and their potential negative impact on human health, while managing growing businesses and environmental laboratories. Mr. Fitzgerald has been a remediation site inspector, expert analyst, regional manager, field geologist, and lab director, and has held executive titles as VP Business Development and President of environmental firms across the USA. Mr. Fitzgerald has been invited guest speaker at environmental workshops and conferences in addition to local, state, federal, and international regulatory meetings and reviews, and has been repeatedly retained and sought as an expert witness. Mr. Fitzgerald has focused his research and analysis on asbestos fibers, asbestos in soils, asbestos in talc, asbestos in brake materials, asbestos in household products, naturally occurring asbestos, releasability testing, and lung tissue analysis, presenting his work to the EIA, ASTM, AIHA, GSA, AEG, ISO, National Press Club, European Asbestos Forum (EAF), the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS), and the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Landmark research by Fitzgerald has unveiled the presence of asbestos, respirable silica, and heavy metals such as lead and mercury in children’s toys, crayons, and cosmetics. Researched and gave testimony on hundreds of asbestos legal cases for firms in all major US metropolitan areas. Guest Professor at universities in the US and abroad. International advisor and investigator on asbestos issues in over 125 countries, including Canada, Australia, Indonesia, India, the Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, Colombia, the United Kingdom, and Sweden. Mr. Fitzgerald has contributed invaluable expertise regarding geology, mineralogy, and laboratory procedure, with the focus on increasing scientific understanding and awareness of asbestos.