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Salvatore Bustelli

Salvatore Bustelli

KEW Technology Ltd

Salvatore is a passionate industrial engineer dedicated to advancing sustainable energy solutions. With a degree in Industrial Engineering and more than a decade of experience, Salvatore has had the privilege of working with industrial customers and leading projects related to cogeneration, biofuel production, innovation, and advanced gasification.
Throughout his career journey, Salvatore has held various roles, including Sales Engineer, Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, and Head of Business Development. These experiences have provided him with invaluable opportunities to collaborate with diverse teams and gain a deep understanding of the challenges and intricacies of the power generation industry. He has also had the opportunity to work in different countries, including the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Germany, which has broadened his perspective and enriched his understanding of international markets and practices.
With a genuine curiosity and commitment to making a positive impact, Salvatore has actively engaged in projects that focus on sustainable energy solutions. He believes in the power of collaboration and actively seek to understand the needs of industrial customers, leveraging his technical expertise to develop tailored and environmentally conscious solutions.
Salvatore looks forward to sharing his experiences and insights gained from their journey. He hopes to inspire and engage with fellow professionals, contributing to the collective efforts to address the challenges of climate change in the energy and fuels sector.