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Paul Van Danzig

Paul Van Danzig

Director, Wastepack Ltd

Paul Van Danzig Bio
Wastepack is one of the UK’s largest Packaging Waste compliance schemes, providing compliance to over 1300 businesses.

Paul joined The Wastepack Group in 1998.

During his time at Wastepack, Paul has developed a skill for understanding complex environmental legislation and in 2009 he was invited to join the Government Advisory Committee on Packaging (ACP) as an industry advisor to the Environment Minister. Paul served on the ACP for 6 years, and chaired several taskforces, which helped shaped the Government packaging waste policy and future packaging waste regulations.

Paul has been on Wastepack’s Board of Directors since 2014 and sits on the Management Team, which oversees the successful day to day running of the business. In his role as Policy Director, Paul has worked alongside Defra’s Packaging Waste Policy Team, helping to shape the introduction of extended producer responsibility for packaging.

Paul also worked with HMRC to inform the development of the Plastic Packaging Tax.