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Mickey Green

Mickey Green

Executive Director - Climate and Place, Somerset Council

Mickey was appointed Executive Director of Climate and Place for the new unitary Somerset Council which was established on 1 April 2023. His portfolio includes waste, climate, ecology water, infrastructure and transport, economic development, regeneration and planning. He is passionate about embedding the climate and ecological emergency across the Council and our partners, embedding place based thinking in everything we do, and in delivering good, green growth so that we improve the life chances of Somerset’s residents whilst not losing what makes this place so special. He was formerly Managing Director of the Somerset Waste Partnership, managing recycling and waste services for the predecessor six Somerset local authorities. Previous roles include responsibility for improving commissioning at Somerset County Council, commissioning waste, libraries, leisure, heritage, trading standards. Prior to joining local government was a private secretary and policy advisor at DCLG (specialising in sustainable and low carbon housing), and before that, a chartered accountant.