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Matthew Pannett

Matthew Pannett

Principal, Ramboll UK Limited

Matthew has just celebrated his 25th work anniversary at Ramboll where he continues to develop his career in environmental consulting. His work is rooted in contaminated land and remediation which has provided the opportunity to be involved in a wide variety of projects for clients in many different sectors including financial, legal, regulatory, property and investment. Some particularly enjoyable projects have included working with the Romanian and Israeli Governments on new contaminated land laws and guidance, collaborating with international colleagues on assessments of emerging contaminants, and regeneration of substantial former gasworks.

Sustainability is at the forefront of Matthew’s work and over the last decade or so it has become increasingly important for all of his projects. This can include undertaking robust and defensible risk assessments to prevent unnecessary remediation, developing justifiable sustainable remediation options and incorporating net environmental benefits into projects such as biodiversity, material management and improved air quality. Arguably, the contaminated land community has been leading the way in sustainability for many decades.

Matthew has a BSc in Geochemistry and an MSc in Hydrogeology and Groundwater Chemistry.