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Carla Brian

Carla Brian

Senior Commercial Development Manager, Biffa

With a career spanning nearly two decades in recycling and waste management, Carla infuses sustainability in her work. Holding pivotal customer facing roles in both SUEZ and Biffa . Carla joined Biffa in January 2020, focusing on project development related to the Resources and Waste Strategy, as well as other legislative and impactful major projects for both Biffa and its customers to create a more circular economy. More recently Carla has taken on a prominent role as the commercial lead for Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) contracts at Biffa, collaborating with Government and Biffa’s Public and Private sector clients to address implications as well as managing Biffa’s involvement in trials with emerging technology within the market. Carla's unwavering commitment inspires greener resource management, making her a driving force in reshaping industry perspectives.