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08 Apr 2024

Vortex partners with Lyreco UK and Ireland on Cymru Clean Air Scheme

Vortex partners with Lyreco UK and Ireland on Cymru Clean Air Scheme

Supported by the Welsh Government, Vortex joins one of six suppliers in the Well-Being Wales programme.

In a landmark partnership with the Welsh Government Commercial Delivery (WGCD), Lyreco has launched a new programme focussing on well-being and environmental initiatives to deliver social value benefits to the Welsh public sector organisations and the local communities they serve.

As one of six Welsh suppliers, Vortex proudly announces its partnership with Lyreco as a key reseller under the new Cymru Clean Air Scheme.


“This partnership is the latest in a host of sustainability initiatives we have worked on with our strategic supplier, Lyreco. This new collaboration will simplify access to our award-winning air quality monitors by the Welsh public sector. ”
Nick Ruxton-Boyle
Director of Environment


The Cymru Clean Air scheme empowers Vortex to collaborate with Lyreco and the Welsh Government in centralising and prioritising clean air initiatives across local authorities in Wales. At the forefront of this effort is initiating hyperlocal air quality monitoring.

Hyperlocal monitoring is the benchmark for effective pollution reduction projects, aiming to identify pollution hotspots and validate controlled interventions by harnessing real-time data on air pollutants and greenhouse gases. With an end goal of fostering cleaner air, particularly around critical areas such as schools and healthcare units, these initiatives significantly impact the health and well-being of the people of Wales.


“Supporting environmental, and well-being initiatives is at the heart of everything Lyreco strives towards and stands for. The Cymru Clean Air Scheme, a newly established well-being partnership between Neath based Manufacturer (of hyper local air quality monitors) Vortex Ltd, and Lyreco UK & Ireland is a shining example.”
Diane Brooks
Strategic Frameworks Manager - Public Sector Wales


Diane continues to say: 'Via Lyreco’s single source framework agreement and our long-standing commitment to collaborative working, Lyreco and Welsh Government Commercial Delivery (WGCD), and guided by the key pillars of the Well-being of Future Generations Act (Wales), we’re facilitating change and a positive impact that continues to deliver tangible social value benefits, to both the Welsh public sector organisations and local communities we service, and they in-turn serve. Through the scheme, stakeholders will soon be able to accurately monitor their local air quality and act where it counts. By working together, Wales can breathe a better tomorrow.”

This joint endeavour between Vortex, Lyreco, and the Welsh Government signifies a groundbreaking stride toward a sustainable, healthier Wales. Through concentrated efforts and a shared vision, this partnership aims to set new standards in environmental stewardship while nurturing a thriving business landscape.


“We look forward to working across the country supporting pollution reduction and climate resilience projects and monitoring”
Nick Ruxton-Boyle
Director of Environment


The official launch of the Cymru Clean Air Scheme will be held at the ICC Wales Centre, Newport, for the inaugural Cymru Clean Air Conference on Thursday, 8 February. The event focuses on bringing Wales's local authorities together to discuss air quality management plans and how to drive real environmental change through innovation and partnership.

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