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03 Jun 2024

PROBIO ENERGY International: Energy Reborn

PROBIO ENERGY International: Energy Reborn

PROBIO ENERGY International Limited is an independent provider of Alternative, Biomass and Recycled Wood Fuels. They maximise recycling and recovery rates by providing many types of alternative fuels, which would otherwise go to landfill. Their products are regularly updated and a full list of current products can be found on their website.

Their Products Include:

  • Alternative Fuels

  • Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)

  • Solid Recoverable Fuel (SRF)

  • Biomass

  • Pellets

  • Virgin Wood Chip

  • Recycled Wood

  • A Grade

  • C Grade

Exporting RDF/SRF

The exporting of Baled RDF/SRF from the United Kingdom is rigorously regulated by the Environment Agency. Generally processed waste is separated into two basic types:
RDF is classed as waste from the mechanical treatment of waste, these include sorting, shredding, removing metals and organics before the material is then baled. This type of fuel is usually used by Heat and Power Plants. R1 recovery offers an excellent alternative to landfill.

SRF is waste, which has been processed to a greater extent than RDF and generally offers a higher calorific value with lower moisture content. This type of Fuel is usually exported for Industrial Consumers such as Cement Producers.


PROBIO’s expertise is proven not only in producing andprocessing RDF and SRF, but also equally in the management
and handling to ensure quality on time deliveries to our clients. Baled fuel is quality checked at production, once at the port
and again at loading using our strict in-house quality guidelines. We offer export of RDF/SRF by bulk vessels, containers and/or trailers. Generally bulk vessels have an average shipment size of 3,000MT and the bales can also be pre-slung if required.

PROBIO take care of all Environmental requirements including the Transfrontier Shipment of Waste Notification (TFS), Financial Guarantees and Shipping, a process which can often be expensive, time consuming and daunting for many end users.


People Talking

Join PROBIO ENERGY at the Energy, Fuels & Decarbonisation Expo (EFD Expo) for a deep dive into pivotal topics in the Energy Sector.

As part of ESS Expo, the event features over 200 sessions in key sectors like Net Zero, Renewable Energy, Carbon Capture, and Hydrogen Energy. It's an essential platform for those keen to engage with the latest sustainable trends and innovations. Discover the future of environmental solutions at the show.


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