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30 May 2024

Mersey Community Receives £165,000 for Recycling Initiatives

Mersey Community Receives £165,000 for Recycling Initiatives

The Liverpool City Region has awarded £165,000 to sixteen community groups through the Zero Waste Community Fund for the 2024/25 cycle. This initiative, supported by the Mersey Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) and Veolia, aims to enhance the area's efforts in waste reduction, reuse, and recycling.

The funding, which groups had to apply for competitively, will bolster various local projects focused on waste prevention and recycling. These initiatives range from educational waste workshops in schools and a repair café, to cooking classes designed to cut food waste. Other projects include upcycling clothes and textiles, a toy lending library for children, furniture restoration, and community programs on food cultivation and composting.

Lesley Worswick, Chief Executive of the MRWA, highlighted the fund’s role in fostering environmental stewardship and promoting sustainable resource use.

“The Community Fund helps groups to become environmental stewards, creating a healthier place for everyone. Thankfully, our society is increasingly recognising the value in resources – they’re not just disposable items. The impressive ideas this year from local organisations are truly inspiring, and with 56 applications, the selection process was tough. Many past projects funded by the Community Fund have lasting benefits. They not only leave a positive legacy, but also continue to influence participants’ habits through ongoing activities.”

Each project proposal was required to address the recycling or reuse of at least one of five key household waste materials: food, furniture, electrical items, plastics, or textiles. Recent waste analysis in the region indicates that these materials hold significant potential for reuse and recycling, suggesting a shift towards more sustainable waste management practices.

Highlighting the impact of these initiatives, Suzanne Mitchell from the British Dietetic Association (BDA), which has participated in similar projects, shared, “The opportunity to support a local community was a really powerful idea. We hope we’ve inspired households to think about new ways to save money by reducing the amount of food they throw away and growing their own produce.”

The funded groups have until March 2025 to implement their projects, promising a greener future for the Liverpool City Region.


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