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28 May 2024

Lubo Recycling Solutions – Key player in C&D and C&I waste

Lubo Recycling Solutions – Key player in C&D and C&I waste

Lubo Recycling Solutions and Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions complement each other well; each has its expertise in its respective waste streams, creating a complementary tandem to provide the industry with total recycling solutions. The shared goal is to increase the quality of the recycling processes so that high-quality recyclates are created that can be put to good (re)use.

Whereas Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions has traditionally been strong in plastics and paper and cardboard waste streams, the heavier waste streams are the classic playing field of Lubo Recycling Solutions. Nowadays both Construction & Demolition (C&D) and Commercial & Industrial (C&I) waste include many mechanical and other separation techniques. Recycling in C&D and C&I is becoming increasingly interesting, because of legislation, but also higher prices for raw materials.


Therefore, it is important to develop and build sorting plants that specialize in these specific waste streams. These facilities are set to follow a path similar to single-stream plants: they will get bigger, and the quality standards they must meet, will become higher. Lubo is ready to face these challenges to help companies recover more value from their waste streams.

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