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19 Feb 2024

A Surge in Recycling Volumes: The Future of Material Recovery

A Surge in Recycling Volumes: The Future of Material Recovery

As we edge closer to 2030, the landscape of material recovery is poised for a significant transformation, expecting a 12% upsurge in the volumes of dry recycling processed at Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs), even amidst potential shifts in material streams due to the introduction of deposit return schemes.

This prediction is derived from the latest insights by Monksleigh consultancy, marking their second comprehensive analysis of the MRF market. Their report unveils a nuanced picture: despite a slight 3% dip in MRF tonnages to 4.1 million tonnes from the preceding year, there's an anticipated rebound. This projection is based on an intricate balance between the diverted materials due to deposit return initiatives and the augmented collection of target recyclables, projecting a net increase of approximately 500,000 tonnes per annum in local authority recyclables reaching MRFs.

Yet, the capacity at existing MRFs to accommodate this surge is not without its challenges. Regulatory, spatial, and operational constraints might limit throughput, compounded by the expected arrival of materials with lower bulk densities, potentially reducing tonnage capacity despite similar volumetric inflows.

Contamination remains a critical concern, with median residual rates across MRFs at 9.6% and an average of 11.5%. Interestingly, this issue does not correlate directly with the source of the materials, whether commercial entities or local authorities, challenging preconceived notions about contamination origins.

In light of these crucial findings, RWM Expo will serve as a pivotal platform to delve into this topic and other significant developments in sustainable resource management. Set to bring together industry leaders, innovators, and policy-makers, the show will highlight the evolving landscape of material recovery, the challenges of increasing recyclable volumes, and the strategies to mitigate contamination rates. This gathering is an unmissable opportunity for professionals committed to advancing the efficiency and effectiveness of Material Recovery Facilities and the broader recycling sector.


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