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01 Feb 2024

Flood & Water Management Expo Rebrands as Water Resource Management Expo

Flood & Water Management Expo Rebrands as Water Resource Management Expo

In the dynamic landscape of water management, it's essential to evolve with the times. The recently rebranded Water Resource Management Expo (11th-12th September 2024, NEC Birmingham), formerly known as the Flood & Water Management Expo, is poised to make a significant impact in the realm of both water specialists and environmental professionals. This transformation not only reflects a shift in focus but also positions the Expo as an integral part of the larger Environmental Services & Solutions Expo. Let's explore the details of this exciting evolution and the enhanced benefits it brings to professionals across the water and wider environmental sectors. 

New Identity, New Vision:

The rebranding from "Flood & Water Management Expo" to "Water Resource Management Expo" signifies a conscious effort to broaden the Expo's scope.  

The Expo aims to enhance its content offerings specifically for those working within water companies, wastewater treatment plants, and the heavy processing industry. The goal is to attract a broader audience from these sectors, providing tailored content that addresses their unique challenges and innovations. Despite this expansion, the expo remains committed to offering valuable content for professionals in the flood industry, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive experience for all attendees. 

By being part of the ESS Expo family of shows*, the new look Water Resource Management Expo now opens its doors to a wider environmental audience, acknowledging that water-related challenges intersect with various disciplines. Environmental professionals whose work touches on water resource management have a dedicated platform to exchange ideas, share innovations, and collaborate with specialists in the field. 

Key Areas of Focus for WRM Expo: 

  • Water Quality 

  • Water testing and monitoring 

  • Water Networks and Sewage 

  • Wastewater 

  • Emergency Response 

  • Flood Management 

  • Equipment and Systems 

  • Consulting and Professional Service 

Show Expansion:

In addition to the rebranding, Water Resource Management Expo proudly announces that it has doubled in size. This expansion provides a larger canvas for professionals to explore, fostering a more extensive exchange of ideas, innovations, and collaborations. 

Water Resource Management Expo is not just an event; it's a catalyst for positive change in the way we manage and protect our vital water resources. With an expanded focus, key areas of interest, and a doubled show size, this expo is set to be a comprehensive platform for professionals committed to shaping a sustainable and resilient future in water and environmental management. Join us in embracing this new era of sustainable solutions! 

*Environmental Services & Solutions Expo includes five shows under one roof – Water Resource Management Expo, Resource Waste Management Expo, Contamination & Land Remediation Expo, Air Pollution Control Expo and Energy, Fuels & Decarbonisation Expo. 


For more information about the show, call or email Lynda Locke on 020 3433 7530 or 

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