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08 Sep 2023

Craemer UK: Your Reliable Partner for High-Quality Waste and Recycling Solutions

Craemer UK: Your Reliable Partner for High-Quality Waste and Recycling Solutions

Craemer UK, a leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic wheelie bins, plastic pallets, containers and pallet boxes, offers a wide range of products to meet the diverse needs of the waste and resources industry. Whether it is for collection, sorting, recycling, transportation or disposal, Craemer UK can provide you with everything you need from a single source.

Craemer’s high-quality wheeled bins are available in a variety of sizes and colours, meet strict UK and European standards and are certified according to ISO 9001:2008.  Durable and robust, they deliver cost-effective solutions for public bodies and private sector waste management companies.

Demand for a wheeled waste container that facilitates the collection of two different waste fractions into separate compartments within a single bin, has seen the development and launch of Craemer’s twin-compartment wheeled bin system. This tried and tested system has been used successfully in Scandinavia for many years in combination with split lifter/body vehicles able to collect different recycling and waste streams separately in a single vehicle. The collection of materials separately with minimal cross-contamination has negated the need to sort post-collection resulting in better material quality. The provision of twin-compartment containers has reduced the number of bins issued to individual households and allowed collection agencies to manage their resources more efficiently.

As well as wheeled bins, Craemer offers a wide range of additional waste and materials handling recycling solutions. Their range of pallet boxes, made from high-quality, recyclable PE and manufactured in one piece, are perfectly suited to the tough demands of the waste and resources sector. The CB pallet box range, which has been awarded UN Certifications for the carriage of hazardous goods such as batteries and low-level nuclear waste, provides exceptional quality and durability in demanding environments. With its integral base runners, they are proven to provide longevity with repetitive use.

Craemer's D3 Pallet is a versatile all-rounder that can be adapted to meet different performance requirements. Made from high-quality recycled PE material, this three or five runner pallet is an ideal multi-tasker that is perfect for the waste and resources sector.

With their technical expertise and focus on quality, Craemer UK is your single source supplier committed to providing reliable products to public bodies and private sector waste management companies looking for quality products that offer the best value.

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