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22 Apr 2024

Contel Ltd Joins the LARAC Lounge at the Resource & Waste Management Expo 2024

Contel Ltd Joins the LARAC Lounge at the Resource & Waste Management Expo 2024

Contel Ltd, a leader in progressive fleet vehicle safety solutions, is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming Resource & Waste Management Expo (RWM Expo) 2024. In line with the strategic partnership between LARAC (Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee) and RWM, Contel will be showcasing its cutting-edge video telematics technologies within the newly established LARAC Lounge.

Located by the Hall 18 entrance within the Collections & Transport Zone, adjacent to the Local Authority Theatre, the LARAC Lounge will serve as a hub for networking, innovation, and strategic discourse. Contel Ltd will join a suite of exhibitors focusing on providing local authority waste and recycling officers a space to forge connections, discuss best practices, and discover purpose-built solutions to enhance their operations.

The RWM Expo, the premier event for waste, recycling, and resource management professionals, will be happening on the 11th and 12th of September 2024 at the NEC Birmingham. It serves as an essential platform where key players, decision-makers, and experts across the environmental sectors converge to accelerate change towards a greener planet via sustainable resource management. This year, with LARAC's support, the expo dedicates the LARAC Lounge to local government professionals looking to gear up their waste management strategies with advanced solutions.

Joining the LARAC Lounge at the RWM Expo 2024 represents Contel's dedication not just to display technological prowess but also to contribute to a community that is actively engaging in partnerships to advance safer and more resource-efficient waste management practices. Contel's presence in the LARAC Lounge underscores their commitment to serving the waste management sector by enhancing fleet vehicle safety, reducing environmental impact, and improving operational efficiency. Their innovative telematics solutions aim to set the standard within the industry, offering integrated safety management for fleet vehicles directly involved in municipal waste operations. From advanced driver-assistance systems to sophisticated monitoring capabilities, Contel’s tech-forward solutions provide critical tools in the pursuit of safer roadways and smarter, sustainable city services.

Local authorities and waste management professionals attending the expo can look forward to experiencing their latest technology first-hand and gaining insightful knowledge on how to leverage these advancements in their daily operations. The LARAC Lounge will also provide an exceptional opportunity to network with peers, share best practices, and dive deep into wide-ranging challenges and possibilities that municipal waste management encounters in today's climate.

"We are excited to be part of the LARAC Lounge at RWM 2024, aligning our efforts with the expo's commitment to sustainability and innovation. The partnership between LARAC and RWM marks a forward-thinking move to support local authorities as they strive to foster safety and sustainability — principles that Contel upholds at its core," said Andrew Kelly, CEO of Contel Ltd.

Contel Ltd invites attendees to join us in advancing towards a sustainable future shaped by effective waste management and enhanced road safety. For a glimpse into the future of fleet vehicle safety, be sure to visit the Contel booth at the LARAC Lounge.


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Join Contel at the Resource & Waste Management Expo (RWM Expo) for a deep dive into pivotal environmental topics.

This key event features over 200 sessions in key sectors like Net Zero, Energy from Waste, Sustainability, and consulting services. It's an essential platform for those keen to engage with the latest sustainable trends and innovations. Discover the future of resource solutions at the RWM Expo.


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