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15 Jan 2024

Clyde Bergemann Power Group: A Century of Process Efficiency Since 1924

Clyde Bergemann Power Group: A Century of Process Efficiency Since 1924

Clyde Bergemann Power Group (CBPG) is a globally operating group of companies that provides innovative products and solutions to customers with a focus on energy-related conversion and production processes. CBPG supports companies operating in the Power Generation, Waste-to-Energy, Biomass, Oil & Gas, and Marine industries, as well as other industrial processes.

Established in 1924, Clyde Bergemann Power Group's roots trace back to a small family operation in Glasgow, dedicated to producing 'sootblowers' for efficient boiler cleaning in the steam locomotive industry. Today, these humble beginnings continue to define the essence of the worldwide Clyde Bergemann Power Group, headquartered in Germany. The original Glasgow facility remains integral to operations, which, over the last century, have expanded substantially to include offices across the globe.

Over the last century, CBPG has evolved into a trusted provider of products and solutions, committed to maximising process efficiency and minimising environmental impact across a range of industries. This commitment is rooted in a legacy where both innovation and engineering excellence have played pivotal roles in shaping the company’s remarkable 100-year heritage.

To mark the commencement of this historic year, Clyde Bergemann Power Group unveils a special 100-year anniversary logo—a symbol of a century dedicated to advancing process efficiency and engineering excellence. The company looks forward to a year of celebration, reflection, and anticipation for continued success in the global energy sector.

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