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20 Jul 2023

Apply Now for the Water Pollution Prevention Award - Recognising Environmental Excellence

Apply Now for the Water Pollution Prevention Award - Recognising Environmental Excellence

Deadline Extended to 18th August - Act Fast to Secure Your Chance at Recognition

The British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) has announced the opening of applications for the prestigious Water Pollution Prevention Award. This annual accolade, supported by the Environment Agency, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, and Natural Resources Wales, seeks to commend and celebrate businesses in the UK Safety and Health Industry that have demonstrated outstanding efforts in safeguarding the environment and effectively managing water pollution risks.

An Opportunity for Recognition

The Water Pollution Prevention Award has garnered significant recognition as a hallmark of environmental excellence within the industry. Companies and organizations across the nation are invited to apply for this esteemed accolade to gain recognition for their dedication to protecting the environment and preventing water pollution incidents. This award not only showcases the winner's commitment to environmental responsibility but also provides a platform for enhanced public relations within the business and the broader market.

Eligibility and Key Criteria

All businesses and organizations operating in the United Kingdom are eligible to apply for the Water Pollution Prevention Award. Entrants are required to showcase a comprehensive understanding of their operational environment concerning the prevention of incidents that may lead to water environment pollution, whether in surface water or groundwater.

The key criteria that applicants must address in their submissions include:

  • Identification of Potential Pollution Risks and Hazards: Demonstrating an acute awareness of potential pollution risks and hazards that could impact surface water or groundwater.

  • Understanding the Consequences of Inaction: Outlining the possible repercussions of not implementing effective pollution prevention measures, emphasizing the importance of proactive environmental protection.

  • Implementing Improvements: Highlighting the changes made to business operations to mitigate pollution risks and detailing the effective implementation of these measures.

  • Training and Health & Safety: Providing insight into staff training programs, with a focus on health and safety protocols that contribute to pollution prevention efforts.

An Independent Judging Panel

Upon registration, participating companies will receive a template to submit their case studies, detailing how their organization manages the risks of water pollution incidents. These case studies will undergo review by an impartial judging panel comprising experts in environmental conservation and industry professionals.

The panel will meticulously assess each submission to create a shortlist of candidates who have excelled in their water pollution prevention initiatives. From the shortlisted entries, the final winner will be chosen based on the quality of their case study and the demonstrable impact of their pollution prevention efforts.

Exciting Awards Ceremony

The highly anticipated Water Pollution Prevention Award ceremony will take place at the Flood & Water Management Expo, held as part of the esteemed Environmental Services & Solutions Expo (ESS Expo). The ESS Expo takes place 13-14 September 2023 at NEC Birmingham.

On Day 1 at 3pm, the award ceremony will grace the stage of the Water & Wastewater Theatre, as businesses, industry professionals, and environmental enthusiasts come together to celebrate the achievements of the deserving winner.

Apply Now

With the extended deadline of Friday 18th August, now is the time to seize this remarkable opportunity to gain recognition for your company's outstanding commitment to water pollution prevention. Apply for the Water Pollution Prevention Award today and stand a chance to join the ranks of esteemed environmental leaders in the UK Safety and Health Industry.

For more information and to apply, visit the official BSIF website or fill out the form below and contact the award organizers directly. Embrace this chance to showcase your environmental excellence and contribute to a greener and cleaner future for all.

Entries should be submitted to - Ian Crellin, Marketing Manager, BSIF



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