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27 Mar 2024

AMP – Fully Automated Facility-Scale SmartSortation™ Solutions Powered by AI

AMP – Fully Automated Facility-Scale SmartSortation™ Solutions Powered by AI

Since AMP was founded nearly a decade ago, we’ve grown from a small team attempting to prove the application of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and robotics in recycling, to a company with a fleet of hundreds of automated sorting systems operating across the United States, Canada, Japan, and Europe. Most recently, we’ve launched a fully-automated, facility-scale sortation solution for waste management customers integrating our AI-powered sortation technology into custom or turnkey facilities that deliver maximum resource recovery with minimal labour and cost.


Our facility-scale sortation solution, which we call AMP ONE™, capitalises on the experience we’ve gained developing best-in-class recycling technology and brings it together in a way that’ll allow us, and the industry, to realise the tremendous opportunity in sortation at scale. We serve an industry that does a hard job—one that’s seldom celebrated and never done. Our technology enables the waste industry to harness the power of AI to do this hard job better, faster, and more efficiently. This means we’re focused on results: reducing labor costs, increasing resource recovery, increasing landfill diversion, and ensuring more reliable operations.

We invite you to explore our new website to learn more about AMP ONE.

Learn more about AMP ONE here


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