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Air Pollution Control Expo 2024

Air Pollution Control Expo 2024

In a bid to address the pressing challenges of industrial air emissions, stack monitoring, and ambient air quality management, the Air Pollution Control (APC) Expo is set to launch in September 2024.

As a prominent element of the esteemed Environmental Services & Solutions (ESS) Expo, APC promises two days of engaging conversation, strategic meetings and thought-provoking presentations dedicated to advancing air quality monitoring, emissions reduction technologies, and regulatory compliance.

A Platform for Diverse Expertise:

By partnering with ESS, the show brings together experts from various environmental sectors, including Industry & Manufacturing, Waste Management, and Energy from Waste. This collaborative platform provides an unparalleled opportunity to shares insights, discuss innovative solutions, and explore the entirety of environmental services and solutions. There is no other event that covers the five pillars of environment (Air, Water, Land, Energy, Resource) and allow attendees to tackle their entire environmental impacts all in one place.

APC attracts a diverse range of attendees, including professionals from construction, waste management, energy generation, filtration and ventilation, environmental consultancies, monitoring and analysis, engineers, policy makers, manufacturing, transport, emissions reduction companies, and more. This inclusivity ensures that the event is not only attended by those responsible for creating a safer, cleaner working environment but also by individuals actively seeking the latest practices to enhance day-to-day operations sustainably.

A Focus on Environmental Impact:

APC is not just a platform for networking, it’s a focal point for individuals and organisations to reduce their impact on the environment and make cost saving improvements. Whether it's industrial facilities monitoring stack emissions, environmental managers mitigating the effects of noise, odour, and dust, or local authorities addressing public health concerns related to pollutants, APC Expo caters to everyone connected to the world of emissions and air quality management.


For a glimpse of into what to expect at APC 2024, take a look at the ESS Expo’s highlights from 2023.


Join us at Air Pollution Control Expo (APC Expo) for a deep dive into pivotal environmental topics.

This key event features over 200 sessions in key sectors like  Air Quality, Emission Reduction and Reporting, and Dust Management. It's an essential platform for those keen to engage with the latest sustainable trends and innovations. Discover the future of environmental solutions at APC Expo.


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