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Let's talk about energy

Co-located alongside the UK's largest environmental event, we're here to help both private and public businesses from all sectors enhance their energy efficiency strategies, and accelerate their decarbonisation blueprints through first class networking opportunities and leading content.

With net-zero targets for 2030 pushing for decarbonisation, energy developments are in full focus, and demands for us to approach how we generate, use, and reuse energy differently.

The event encompasses established energy technologies such as biogas, anaerobic digestion, compost, renewables, electrification of vehicles, energy from waste, and landfill management in addition to providing a platform for future technologies such as; Carbon capture storage (CCS), direct air capture (DAC), energy storage systems, hydrogen technologies, AI in energy management tracking and more.

Whilst resource management and established energy technologies play a vital part in the energy management journey, reduction of Co2 drives the global focus for 2023, and calls on every sector to review how they set out to effectively decarbonise their heat, transport and power.

EFD brings together all stakeholders to tackle these issues head on, creating a knowledge hub and leading platform for businesses and thought leaders to showcase innovative products and services that will drive the future of energy efficiency.

Areas of focus

From advanced biofuels to hydrogen technologies, EFD captures what's important in the energy, fuel and decarbonisation space. If you're involved in any aspect of the key areas we're exploring - you'll want to be at this years event. Click through on each tile to see the full list of topics covered per sub sector.

Energy from Secondary Materials  

Energy from Secondary Materials

The energy from secondary materials sector provides innovative solutions for harnessing energy from waste materials, turning them into valuable resources and contributing to a circular economy. Attendees can expect to explore cutting-edge technologies, equipment, and best practices for generating energy from secondary materials, including waste-to-energy systems, anaerobic digestion, and thermal treatment processes.
Equipment, Systems & Technologies 

Equipment, Systems & Technologies 

See equipment, systems & technologies in a live environment with exhibiting companies showcasing cutting-edge tech that driving energy efficiency, sustainability, and reduced carbon footprints across industries. Attendees can expect to explore the latest advancements in energy generation, storage, and distribution, as well as innovative technologies for reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.
Energy Management  

Energy Management

Providing insights into best practices, smart grids, and demand-side strategies for optimising energy consumption and minimizing environmental impacts. Attendees can expect to explore innovative solutions for managing energy resources and reducing carbon emissions, including energy-efficient buildings, demand response systems, and energy storage solutions.


The decarbonisation sector is at the forefront of efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and foster a low-carbon, sustainable future. Attendees can expect to explore innovative solutions and policies for reducing carbon emissions across industries, from renewable energy solutions to carbon capture and storage technologies. The sector highlights the importance of decarbonisation and its role in mitigating climate change, providing valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in reducing carbon emissions.
Consulting & Professional Services

Consulting & Professional Services

Attendees can expect to explore expert guidance, strategic planning, and innovative approaches to achieve sustainable energy goals, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, and decarbonisation strategies. The sector highlights the importance of consulting and professional services in driving progress towards a more sustainable future, providing valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in energy management and decarbonisation.


What's on?

Conference Programme

Explore the full sustainable energy spectrum covered at the expo, with a comprehensive speaker programme across two dedicated theatres. Discover a wide range of topics related to optimising energy use, policy and regulations, energy conservation and storage in the energy management Theatre, and explore advanced renewable technologies, the hydrogen economy, carbon capture and carbon-neutral strategies in the Decarbonisation and Future Technologies Theatre. Take a look at what went down at ESS 2023 below.

View the ESS 2023 Agenda


Expand your network at our tailored networking events for energy management, tech and sustainability professionals. Connect with industry experts, share best practices, forge valuable partnerships, engage in stimulating conversations, and collaborate on innovative solutions to tackle pressing energy decarbonisation issues. Take a look at the ESS 2023 schedule to see the range of dedicated sessions that brought hundreds of like-minded environmental experts together to tackle solutions to the most pressing challenges; with attendees expanding their networks in the process.

View the ESS 2023 Networking Schedule


Innovation and new opportunities are right around the corner. Whether you connect with leading companies showcasing their cutting-edge products, services, or solutions tailored to your needs, engage in insightful discussions, forge strategic partnerships, or stay informed about the latest industry developments - APC is the ultimate platform for gaining a competitive edge by exploring the diverse offerings presented by our exhibitors.

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Environmental Services & Solutions Expo will be taking place again next year, 11-12 September 2024 at NEC Birmingham. Make sure you register your interest in ESS Expo 2024 to be the first to know when registration goes live and any event updates.