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The place where air quality and emissions professionals drive powerful conversations and spark industry change

The Air Pollution Control (APC) Expo is a vital component of the Environmental Services & Solutions (ESS) Expo, the UK's leading event for environmental professionals. APC focuses on air quality, emissions control and stack monitoring, offering a platform for experts from various sectors, including Industry & Manufacturing, Waste Management, and Energy from Waste.

With over 12,000 attendees, ESS brings together a diverse audience, including Environmental Managers, Engineers, Regulators, and Consultants. APC covers a wide spectrum of topics, from carbon capture and renewable energy to health and safety measures. It plays a pivotal role in advancing the UK's environmental goals and creating a sustainable future for all.

The heartbeat of the air quality ecosystem in the UK takes place on the 11-12 September 2024 at the NEC Birmingham. 

Areas of focus

From air monitoring & control to emissions reporting and carbon markets, APC captures what's important in the air quality space. If you're involved in any aspect of the key areas we're exploring - you'll want to be at this years event. Click through on each tile to see the full list of topics covered per sub sector.

Air Monitoring & Control  

Air Monitoring & Control

Spanning a wide array of categories from stack emission monitoring to greenhouse gas monitoring and reduction, this section provides a holistic overview of the latest advancements in air pollution control technologies and strategies. Learn about the latest Industrial emission control technologies and air pollution control equipment aimed at reducing environmental impact, tackling air pollution, and creating a sustainable, cleaner environment.
Emission Reduction Technologies  

Emission Reduction Technologies

This section is at the forefront of environmental progress. From carbon capture and storage (CCS) to renewable energy solutions, it paves the way for a cleaner, greener future. Clean energy generation and sustainable manufacturing practices are key drivers in reducing emissions and minimising environmental impact. Low-emission transportation technologies and energy efficiency innovations contribute to more sustainable mobility and resource usage, while alternative fuel development and emission reduction strategies in agriculture further our commitment to sustainability.
Odour & Noise Prevention & Protection

Odour & Noise Prevention & Protection

By addressing odour and noise pollution challenges, this section contributes significantly to environmental well-being, both indoors and outdoors. With odour monitoring and measurement, odour treatment technologies, and odour control systems, it tackles issues at the source, ensuring cleaner air and reduced irritation. Odour abatement in wastewater and industrial processes and odour complaint management offer practical solutions for industries to minimise their environmental footprint. Noise monitoring and assessment, noise control solutions, and soundproofing and insulation technologies work to combat noise pollution, contributing to healthier, quieter, and more sustainable environments.
Dust Management  

Dust Management

This section plays a significant role in reducing environmental impact and promoting cleaner air and enhancing safety in dust-prone environments. It allows industries to assess and control dust emissions, leading to improved air quality. Discover effective measures to minimise dust in various operations, from manufacturing to mining. Fosters sustainable practices even in volatile construction or demolition situations. Dust emission compliance ensures adherence to regulations, contributing to a greener, more sustainable world.
Emissions Reporting, Trading and Carbon Markets

Emissions Reporting, Trading and Carbon Markets

Explore solutions for measuring and validating carbon footprint reductions, ensuring transparency and accuracy in emission data which reinforces a commitment to greenhouse gas reduction. Explore practical tools for managing emissions and offsetting their environmental impact, while fostering trust and cooperation with emission certifications. This section also focuses on market-based approaches, featuring companies that encourage organisations to reduce emissions through economic incentives or opportunities to engage in emission trading and align with global sustainability goals.
Health and Safety  

Health and Safety

This section of the Expo addresses the critical aspects of health and safety in emission-prone environments. Exhibitors will be purveyors of respiratory protection equipment and personal protective equipment that safeguard workers against air pollutants. Explore sustainable practices that protect employees from potential harm and solutions that provide real-time data to ensure safe working conditions. Understand comprehensive risk management initiatives and occupational health programs which enable companies to proactively support the health and well-being of their workforce.
Ambient & Indoor Air Quality

Ambient & Indoor Air Quality

Addressing critical environmental and health concerns, this section of the Expo ensures that living and working spaces are conducive to well-being, contributing to energy efficiency while maintaining optimal indoor air quality, enabling your business to align with sustainability goals. Solutions include indoor air quality sensors that enable real-time monitoring, empowering individuals and organisations to make informed decisions that positively impact air quality. Discover solutions that safeguard infrastructure while preventing the release of harmful pollutants and foster a healthy and efficient workforce.

What's On?

Conference Programme

Immerse yourself in our cutting-edge theatres, featuring distinct and compelling programs from across the environmental spectrum. The APC Keynote Theatre will focus on conversations around air quality & emissions, with the ESS Expo Summit Theatre exploring everything from sustainable resource management, to water management, land remediation, renewable energy, and everything in between. Take a look at what went down at ESS 2023 below.

View the ESS 2023 Agenda

Networking Events

Elevate your connections with proactive networking. APC offers an exclusive opportunity for professionals across major sectors and job functions to connect and collaborate. Take a look at the ESS 2023 schedule to see the range of dedicated sessions that brought hundreds of like-minded environmental experts together to tackle solutions to the most pressing challenges; with attendees expanding their networks in the process.

View the ESS 2023 Networking Schedule


Innovation and new opportunities are right around the corner. Whether you connect with leading companies showcasing their cutting-edge products, services, or solutions tailored to your needs, engage in insightful discussions, forge strategic partnerships, or stay informed about the latest industry developments - APC is the ultimate platform for gaining a competitive edge by exploring the diverse offerings presented by our exhibitors.

View the ESS 2023 Exhibitor List

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