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Two Decades of Innovating Recycling Machinery and Global Impact

For over two decades, we at Zato have proudly stood as a prominent manufacturer of recycling plant and machinery, specializing in processing scrap metal. With our team of skilled engineers and state-of-the-art technology, we prioritize understanding our clients' requirements. We're right there alongside our clients throughout the entire process, providing unwavering support at every stage.

Due to the increasing integration of systems used for monitoring and interconnectivity, Zato's machines, distributed in over 50 countries worldwide, are overseen from the main headquarters in Prevalle (BS) located in Italy. This is where all installation, assembly, maintenance, assistance, and on-site technician training activities are coordinated. The company has also opened a branch in the United States, situated in Atlanta, Georgia.

Products and services

  • Comprehensive Range of Offerings: As a worldwide supplier of recycling plant and machinery, we provide our clients with a diverse selection, including pre-shredders, single- and twin-shaft shredders, demolition shears, and scrap cleaning plants.
  • Tailored Engineering and Design: We take pride in offering in-house engineering and design services that are customized to cater to your specific business needs, ensuring optimal solutions.
  • Thorough On-Site Testing: Each machine undergoes meticulous on-site testing before shipment, guaranteeing its performance and reliability upon arrival.
  • Global Spare Parts Availability: To enhance convenience, we strategically position stocks of spare parts in Europe, the USA, Asia, and Oceania, ensuring swift access to replacements whenever needed.
  • Commitment to Long-Term Success: Our dedication extends beyond equipment. We provide comprehensive parts and services designed to foster your sustained success in the long run.

Journey Toward Climate Neutrality and Resource Regeneration

We are firmly convinced that pursuing climate neutrality, regenerating resources, driving economic development, promoting social inclusion, and ensuring fair and widespread prosperity within the areas we operate are not only achievable but also our duty.

Metals are what we consider "permanent materials," which means that after their initial production, they can be recycled endlessly. Metals are thus never depleted but continuously repurposed. Recycled metals remain in the material cycle, essentially serving as a reservoir of raw materials that will be available to future generations for the creation of new products. Zato's technologies serve as pivotal tools in the recovery, recycling, and reuse processes that underpin the circular economy, forming the basis of sustainable growth.


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