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Van Werven UK Ltd

Stand: RS-G101
  • | RWM

Van Werven Plastic Recycling specialises in creating high-quality raw materials from post-consumer rigid plastics collected from construction waste, industrial waste and municipal recycling centres.

Re-using raw materials is one of the key conditions to keep our earth livable for future generations. By closing the chain and re-using raw materials, we have taken an important step towards joint sustainable development. 


We have to keep structurally reducing our dependency on primary raw materials by bringing recycling processes to the next level. It is our mission to close the chain by making recycled plastics that can serve as a substitute for primary raw materials. Creating high-quality secondary raw materials is the only way to work towards a circular, non-subsidy-driven supply chain for raw materials, sustainable enterprise in its ultimate form.



Selby Energy Park
Whitemoor Business Park
Cliffe Road
United Kingdom
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