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Stand: RS-G160
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Recycleye is a growing technology company using advanced machine learning, computer vision and robotics to bring transparency, traceability and efficiency to the global waste management industry. 

Recycleye Vision uses leading-edge AI computer vision to scan and identify co-mingled waste materials in a MRF.  It can be used alone or with Recycleye Robotics or Air Jets to pick and sort identified waste. Classifying each item over 100 times, Recycleye Vision is as accurate as a human eye and identifies limitless classes of materials to provide compositional data for 100% traceability and transparency. Fully integrated with SCADA systems. 

Recycleye Robotics performs the physical tasks of picking and placing waste materials in a MRF. Capable of successfully delivering up to 33,000 picks from co-mingled DMR per 10-hour shift, this is the automation solution for any MRF manager looking to increase efficiency and reduce QC and Opex. Jointly developed and supported by leading global robotics manufacturer Fanuc, Recycleye Robotics was specifcally designed for handling DMR and can be retofitted quikcly and easily by a small team over a weekend.Get in touch with us today: 

+44 20 3695 5035


43 Central Street
United Kingdom
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