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Filcom Group

Stand: EN-F21
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FILCOM GROUP manufacture & support various quality filtration products.

The latest technology we have developed helps support CO2 & NOx capture & removal.

This technology is capable of supporting various sectors with CCU within the UK, from Energy generation, Chemical, Aerospace & Automotive manufacturing to Horticulture greenhouses.

Our technology is in live operations in greenhouses in the Nederland’s and Automotive manufacturing in Germany. The technology captures CO2/NOx from the flue exhaust gases emitted during burning methods.


Once captured the CO2/NOx can be used in various ways.

  • The captured CO2 can be stored then reintroduced into the greenhouse when required without running the burners, thus saving money on fuel costs.
  • The captured CO2 can be mixed with hydrogen in our Methanogenesis reactor to produce methane, this methane can be stored and reintroduced to the site burning methods when required. Once the new methane is burned we again capture the CO2/NOx and the process is repeated. This method generates on site fuel while helping create a circular environment/economy.
  • The captured NOx can be used to generate Nitric Acid (fertiliser). This can be stored for use on site or sold to a third party helping generate a new alternative income.



Unit 16 Stirlin Point, Sadler Court, Sadler Road,
Sadler Road
United Kingdom
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