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Stand: ME-D171
  • | RWM

Dofygate 3 is an innovative solution for traffic management that can be quickly deployed to control the movement of vehicles and people in various settings. It's designed to create safe working environments and is ideal for use in yards, entrances for industrial sites, farms, waste management weighbridges, and many other applications.

In recycling centres the barrier provides a place for vehicles to stop prior to entering the tipping or loading area. This puts the fork lift or loader driver in charge of their working area and stops vehicles arriving unexpectedly.

The barrier is useful in controlling entry onto weighbridges, ensures sign in and avoids vehicles moving onto a weighbridge too quickly and stopping suddenly while on it.

SAFE - Arm comes from the side rather than from above; keeping it always in line of sight

SOLAR - Our barrier is designed to work with a solar panel and not the other way around - that this the Dofygate difference and it works as it should throughout the year.

MOBILE - Can be a mobile unit on wheels or fixed to a post, without the need for a forklift

TOUGH - Arm lock, collision protection, tough covers


Manor Farm
NR11 7QR
United Kingdom
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