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BMair International B.V.

Stand: ME-B160
  • | RWM

Everyone deserves clean air. But in the world of heavy equipment, clean air is often being compromised. Restulting in poor and unhealthy work environments.

We believe clean air is a fundamental right. That clean cabin air is essential for both employees and their equipment. For their health, safety, and sustainability. Now and in the future.

Our mission is to fight unhealthy air. To no longer look away but take action. This is why we innovate and create protective ventilation systems that go beyond trapping particles. Why we pioneer to not only meet, but challange global standards.

As the market leader in Europe, we have the responsibility to redefine air purification. So we create a better and cleaner future together.


BMair International B.V.
Bliek 8
The Netherlands
4941 SG
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