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Banzo Engineering

Stand: ME-C222
  • | RWM

BANZO RECYCLING SYSTEMS. The future is clean.

There are good reasons for having ambitious targets for recycling. But how do you  transform your waste in a sensible way? Banzo will help you to achieve your targets. With our turn-key solutions, you can rest assured that you will achieve the targets as a public or private waste collector. You’ll be making a really good contribution to the circular economy.

We design, install, modify and maintain waste separation plants. We take responsibility throughout the process and for the results. Together, we create a new reality: rapidly phasing out the dumping and incinerating of waste and pushing ahead with recycling.

How are your waste logistics set up? This usually varies from one, two or three container collections system. It is decisive for the way you start recycling. We build turnkey separation plants based on your needs and requirements.

Our focus:

  • Municipaal Solid Waste (MSW)
  • Single Stream Waste (Packaging waste)
  • Organic Wet Fraction (OWF)
  • C&D / C&I Waste
  • Plastic Recycling


Buitenvaart 1409
7905 SJ
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