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Stand: EN-J71
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Welcome to our exhibition page! Assentech is the leading supplier in tank storage, process safety, and fluid transfer industries, renowned for delivering innovative solutions, a range of quality equipment, maintenance capability for the products we supply, technical and regulatory support, product selection and services that enhance operational safety, efficiency, and environmental compliance. Key Highlights: Vent-Less Test Bench: Our flagship product, the Vent-Less test bench, received the Gold award at the Global Tank Storage Awards for Environmental Performance. This groundbreaking technology tests tank or digester breather valves on both pressure and vacuum ports in just 3 minutes. The test protocol aligns with API 2000 Section 5.4, ensuring it is automatic, repeatable, and accurate. This innovative tool provides irrefutable certification on individual assets, demonstrating leak rate quantification, flow curve, performance, and functionality—often hailed by our customers as a "genius tool which needs to be on every site." Leadership and Expertise: Our Managing Director, Ewart Cox, sits on two international standards committees and is globally recognised for his expertise and contributions to the industry. His leadership ensures that Assentech stays at the forefront of industry developments and standards and helps support his endeavours to write a new Environmental Annex.  Certifications: Assentech is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 by a UKAS accredited body, affirming our commitment to quality management, environmental standards, and occupational health and safety. Product Range: We offer a comprehensive range of products including epsilon couplers, loading arms, bursting discs, mixers, IFRs, geodesic domes, breather valves, and flame arrestors, each designed to meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Assentech prides itself on excellent communication and customer care, supported by robust partnerships with our suppliers. With over 12 years of expertise in tank farm safety and fluid transfer, we are dedicated to understanding our customers' needs and delivering the most suitable products and solutions. Remembering the insightful words of Benjamin Franklin: "The bitter taste of poor quality lasts long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten," we continue to strive for the highest quality and reliability in all our products and services, ensuring our customers always receive the best possible outcome.

The Vent-Less test bench for tank or digester breather valves is your ultimate risk mitigation tool, designed to ensure the highest standards of safety, compliance, and operational integrity:

1) **Workforce and Environmental Protection**: Demonstrates a robust duty of care by preemptively addressing potential risks to your workforce, environment, and facilities.

2) **Performance Verification**: Rigorously tests each breather valve to confirm it functions as intended.

3) **Specification Accuracy**: Ensures all settings precisely match the required specifications for optimal functionality.

4) **Leakage Control**: Effectively mitigates emissions leakage, helping maintain environmental standards.

5) **Standards Compliance**: Confidently evidences compliance with International Standards, ensuring regulatory adherence.

6) **Pre-Commissioning Assurance**: Tests all breather valves before installation, providing assurance for seamless operations.

Invest in the Vent-Less test bench to exceed industry standards and provide peace of mind through unparalleled safety and precision.



Mount Pleasant Farm
St Austell
PL26 6LR
United Kingdom
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