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The Journey To Net Zero – Steps To Take And Tools To Support Net Zero Commitments

13 Sep 2023
Climate Change , Net-Zero , Sustainability , Tech & AI

In the pursuit of Net Zero, standards are the essential tools and steps that drive action. 'The Journey to Net Zero - Steps to Take and Tools to Support Net Zero Commitments' will delve into the strategic landscape of standards development, showing how standards are not just benchmarks but actionable guides for achieving Net Zero Commitments. Abbey Dorian will explain how standards have evolved in response to climate concerns and emerging technologies to better serve organizations and businesses on their own Net Zero journeys. The discussion will also cover how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can actively contribute to the Net Zero by 2050 goal and help shape the development of these standards. By highlighting the vital link between standards, sustainability, and innovation, Abbey Dorian aims to motivate collective efforts for a greener future.

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