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EV Chargers – The Connectivity Conundrum

14 Sep 2023
Local Authority Theatre
Net-Zero , Sustainability , Tech & AI , Decarbonisation

Reliable connectivity is critical to electric vehicle charging stations because that is how data is read, captured, and sent back to electric vehicle charging companies.
Data being thrown off the charging stations is used for customer support, billing, and predictive maintenance of the charging units.

We’ll take a look at how to overcome the following challenges with EV charging stations:
Getting connected - Electric vehicle charging stations need connectivity to operate for several key reason including billing and payment processing.
Remote Monitoring – If a charging station goes down it will impact customer service and lost revenue.
Charging accessibility – Due to the time it takes to charge a vehicle, remote charging stations need to be more accessible locations such as shopping centres and restaurants.

Richard Crabtree, Director, Business Development - KORE
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