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Content with Purpose: Leading the Way to a World Beyond Waste

13 Sep 2023
Keynote Theatre
Circular Economy , Sustainability , Waste & Recycling

Join Content With Purpose and CIWM for an inspiring, ground breaking launch event, hosted by the Innovation and Environmental advisor, Mark Shayler.

This event marks the start of ‘Leading the Way to a World Beyond Waste,’ a multi-platform digital campaign that shines the spotlight on organisations and professionals propelling the waste and resource management sector’s role in advancing circularity and greater sustainability.

The session commences with an introduction and warm welcome from Mark, who, for over 20 years, has assisted companies and organizations in comprehending sustainability's significance. He aids them in crafting strategies to genuinely embrace the transformative opportunities that accompany our transition to net zero.

Subsequently, a brief showcase film featuring series partners will be presented, followed by the premiere of Content With Purpose's future-focused documentary, celebrating what is possible through innovation, collaboration and forward thinking.

To tie it all together, the session will conclude with a panel discussion that assembles industry leaders to converse about how we can bring this future to fruition and the pragmatic steps required to make it a reality.

Full Agenda:
· Introduction and welcome from Mark Shayler
· Showcase film
· Premiere of Content With Purpose’s documentary film
· Panel discussion
· Audience Q&A

Andy Rees, Head of Waste Strategy - Welsh Government
Cathy Cook - LARAC
Claire Potter - University of Sussex
Dan Cooke, CIWM President - CIWM & Cornwall Council
Mark Shayler, Founder - APE
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