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BECCS and the Net-Zero Future – Unlocking the Decarbonisation Potential of BioCO2 from AD

14 Sep 2023
Decarbonisation & Future Technologies Theatre
Net-Zero , Tech & AI , Decarbonisation

With momentum building around carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) as a crucial decarbonisation solution, ADBA’s panel discussion will tap into the immense yet overlooked potential of biogenic CO2 to reduce carbon emissions.
Our expert panellists will delve into the latest developments and opportunities surrounding biogenic CO2 production from anaerobic digestion. They will present findings from ADBA's latest report, covering key topics such as policy frameworks, innovative capture technologies, potential applications, and regulatory considerations around the transport, usage, and storage of biogenic CO2.
They will also further examine recent policy changes and incentives aimed at advancing biogenic carbon capture and utilisation technology, highlighting emerging innovations in capture methods for anaerobic digestion facilities. The discussion will also provide key insights into logistical aspects and market opportunities surrounding biogenic CO2 usage and storage while fostering an engaging dialogue on how biogenic CCU can play an integral role in achieving a net-zero future by transforming waste into sustainable fuels, chemicals, and materials.

David Hurren, President - British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA)
David Hynes, Sales Manager Pentair Carbon Capture and Biogas Upgrading - Pentair
Nick Primmer, Policy Lead - Future Biogas
Wasundara Doradeniya, Policy and Market Analyst - ADBA - Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association - ADBA
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