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ESS 360 Club


Help shape Environmental Services & Solutions Expo

The 360 Club is a platform that enables you play a part in shaping the show for the industry. Provide insight, knowledge and experience to help drive the content and improve the experience of the Environmental Services & Solutions Expo, making it a richer experience for all.

Our vision is to involve the most valuable stakeholders in the industry, you, to help lead it, build it and drive it forward.

The club is free-to-join via the form below.

Award-winning Insights

Winner of "Best Example of Thought Leadership" for 360 Club Survey Insights at the EN Marketing Awards & Conference 2023.

EN Marketing Awards Winner

What Is The ESS 360 Club?

It is a free-to-join membership group for the environmental services industry.

It provides members with the opportunity to participate in community discussions, surveys and research projects that support the industry with insight and knowledge and ultimately develops the future direction of ESS.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Fast track entry to the show

  • VIP seating in the Keynote Theatres

  • Access to insights and analysis

  • The chance to shape the UK's leading environmental event

  • Invitations to participate in regular surveys about the industry and the event

What Are We Asking For?

We aim to send members 3 or 4 surveys a year in addition to as hoc questions and polls.

To qualify for the benefits all we need is for you to engage with a minimum of 50% of our content.

We promise not to take up much of your time and are grateful for any input you can share with us.

Sign up to be a part of the ESS 360 Club: